Sort of Here

Be forewarned, this is a post about nothing really.

I’m recovering from a bout of the flu that came out of nowhere – after smugly avoiding the array of colds and coughs that have swept the office over the past few months, I get taken out by a virus that no one else seems to have (and I swear it’s not one too many Christmas drinks!).

Besides lying in bed for the past few days feeling rather sorry for myself, I haven’t really mustered up the energy to do anything.  I was sort of thinking I could get my list of books read in 2010 up to date – my latest update was back in October, ouch – but that appears to take mental energy which is somewhat lacking at the moment.

I have been reading though – I finished Juliet Marillier‘s latest Sevenwaters book, “Seer of Sevenwaters”, my thoughts paralleling Thea’s review at The Book Smugglers quite closely.  Bear in mind I was reading in stops and starts, but I thought Seer lacked the sense of epic-ness that previous Sevenwaters books had, with slightly uneven pacing throughout the first half of the book. Maybe it was the fact the book wasn’t set in Sevenwaters itself (though I don’t think all the previous ones were?), or that the two protagonists, Sibeal and Felix, never really had the same presence that other lead characters have had in previous books, I’m not sure, but this book failed to capture my imagination in the same way the other Sevenwaters novels have.  I’ve more to say (and not all just comparisons to previous books in this series!), but can’t quite string very many coherent thoughts together (or rather, I could, but then I’d probably still be sitting here at midnight trying to polish it all up), so we’ll leave it at “I enjoyed it, but didn’t love”.

I also finally got around to reading Deanna Raybourn‘s “Dark Road to Darjeeling”, which is the Lady Julia Grey historical mystery that came out back in October.  It’s not exactly what I would call a feel-good book, but certainly a well-told story.  I skimmed most of the reviews when the book came out, not wanting to be spoilt, so I can’t remember if anyone was left feeling ever-so-slightly unsettled and disturbed by the closing events?  Probably not a book I’ll re-read, but I’m looking forward to more Julia and Brisbane though, as they negotiate their life together.

Heh.  I actually managed to talk books.  Though that took more concentration that I thought it would…

6 thoughts on “Sort of Here

  1. Janicu – I’m glad it wasn’t just me. It was a really engrossing story – I read it pretty much in one go – but the ending… I’m hoping that future books aren’t as dark as this one.

  2. Awww Li, sorry to hear you were sick. Hope you’re recovering well!! 🙂 Stay warm, looks like London has gotten quite a lot of snow 🙂

    Sorry you didn’t love the Juliet Marillier book. I know how much you love her!! 🙂

  3. Hey Nath – yeah, London doesn’t cope well with snow. I think there were a couple of inches in Central London and everything ground to a halt (though to be fair, there was quite a bit more outside London!).

    I do love Marillier, but oh well – onto the next book 😉

  4. Li, I’m glad you’re feeling better — hate those viruses! But, they do give you time for reading. ;P

    I still need to get to the Raybourn series — it just sounds like a great one.

    Hope you recuperate completely soon. 🙂

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