2010: Recap of My Reading Year Part 1

I’ve done an annual recap of books read for the past few years running – this time around, it’s taken a bit more than usual to start writing this (possibly tied to my general lack of blogging motivation this year, you think?).  But I like revisiting my reading year – both when writing the recap and also when re-reading them months later – so, well, here we go.


I read 11 books in January, and actually, looking at the list of books read, there were some very good ones to start off the year.  I finished Diana Gabaldon‘s “An Echo in the Bone”, mainly by dipping in and out over a period of several weeks, which in hindsight, was the best way to finish such a massive tome.  The story was so sprawling and epic that I’ve no memory as to what the book is about now, except that I enjoyed it immensely and it had a dratted cliffhanger ending.

As for new-to-me authors, I read Sean Kennedy‘s “Tigers and Devil” (m/m romance) after seeing it appear on so many Top Books of 2009 lists, and yes, that was totally well-deserved.  I loved the Australian setting and even got to grips with Australian Rules football – I think.   Steve Kluger‘s hilariously funny yet sweet “Almost Like Being in Love” (rec’d by Nath) was another hit.  And I read my first Sarah Dessen (YA contemporary), “The Truth About Forever”, which was very definitely not my last Dessen of the year.


14 books read during February – unfortunately, none really worked for me until the end of the month, when I read and loved both Jacqueline Carey‘s “Naamah’s Kiss” (the first in her latest Kushiel fantasy trilogy, which held me enthralled from beginning to end) and Mary Stewart‘s “Touch Not the Cat” (romantic suspense, and one of the few books I missed during my Stewart glom back in 2008).

I read a few more Dessens, but none really as good as TTAF.  And that was about it in terms of memorable reads.


Nine books read over the month, including two of Seanan McGuire‘s Toby Daye books, which takes my “Best New-to-Me Urban Fantasy Series of 2010” trophy – I have to include the new-to-me caveat, as the first book came out in 2009, but got buried in the glut of new UF releases. When I finally got around to reading “Rosemary & Rue”, I was totally captivated and promptly followed up with the second book, “A Local Habitation”.  Ms McGuire’s Faerie/San Francisco world is incredibly refreshing and real, Toby is developing into a heroine you can properly get behind (character growth, I love you), and there is Tybalt.  The King of Cats.  Ahhh.

Apart from that, I read my first Jennifer Echols, “Going Too Far” – more YA contemporary!  It was good – strong characterisation, compelling believable romance – and I wanted more.


I was back up to 11 books this month (as an aside, I’m surprised I was reading as much as I’ve been over the months) and it was a good one.

I loved Lisa Lutz‘s “The Spellmans Strike Again”, the latest madcap adventure in The Spellman Files books and oh-so-satisfying (character growth!), and also Patricia Briggs‘ “Silver Borne” (I have not read a lacklustre Mercy Thompson book yet).  And Jim Butcher‘s latest Dresden Files book, “Changes”, was great storytelling, as always.  Elizabeth Peters released a new Amelia Peabody (I have no words to describe how much I was anticipating this one) and while it was not one of the best Peabody books, it was just so good to revisit the whole cast of characters again.  Finally, a new-to-me author this month was Sarah A Hoyt and her “Darkship Thieves” (which Janicu has just reviewed), which was an excellent blend of space opera and romance.

Probably a good time to stop – next post, the next four months…


6 thoughts on “2010: Recap of My Reading Year Part 1

  1. Wow, you have been reading, Li 🙂 It didn’t come across through the blogging, but you’ve been doing good 🙂

    I’m so glad you enjoyed Almost Like Being in Love. It was truly a great book. I think I need to go read The Truth About Forever. You convinced me to buy it LOL, but alas, still haven’t read it ^_^;

    Changes was good. I read it back in November if I’m not wrong 🙂 I really like it, but such a cliff-hanger!! 🙂

    • Nath – LOL, I think it was a choice between reading and blogging, and I went for the former in 2010! I’m hoping to readdress the balance this year though.

      I loved both the Steve Kluger books I read this year – I owe you for the rec 😉 I wish he was a more prolific writer!

      And for some weird reason, the cliffhanger in “Changes” didn’t bother me. In fact, I didn’t even remember there had been one until I read the short story in “Side Jobs”…

  2. Almost Like Being in Love was just a beauty. I’ve had Rosemary and Rue in my hands countless times and always decided to “buy later.” I think I’ll make a point of looking at this series again in 2011. 🙂

    • Oh, I so recommend R&R. Though it appears to be a “love or hate it” series – Estara’s just linked to a GoodReads review on one of the books that points out all the weaknesses in the books…

  3. LOL, Li, reading is always a good choice! 🙂

    What other book by Steve Kluger did you read? Yeah, I agree, I wish he’d write faster and more!! LOL.

    Well the cliffhanger in Changes is not really a cliffhanger, knowing that the author has so many other books planned. So it’s not as if he can just killed off Harry. You know something will happen. Did you read the blurb for the next book?

    • Heh. That was probably it! I think I was pretty much “Of course Harry survived”, so it didn’t even register. LOL.

      I’ve just searched out the blurb for “Ghost Story”, didn’t realise one had been released. I did not realise the title was so apt!

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