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Happy New Year all!

Two links I came across recently – one made me laugh and the other made me think:

Real-life Quidditch (and yes, it involves broomsticks) – I read the article, then watched the video, and oh dear, I think I want to have a go.

Jo Walton reviews Sharon Shinn‘s “Archangel” at – I love Jo Walton’s reviews at (which makes me wonder why I have not read any of her books before, I think I have “Farthing” sitting in my TBR pile) because she has a knack of approaching books from a slightly different angle.  This time around, she tackles the “God is a spaceship” subgenre in conjunction with “Archangel”.

3 thoughts on “Around the Web

  1. Happy New Year!

    FYI, I’ve read the entire Sharon Shinn Archangel line. It’s actually rather good. I enjoyed all of them. It was an interesting viewpoint. Email me if you want a more thorough review. 🙂

  2. Happy New Year to you both too!

    lacrimsonfemme – I’ve read all the Samaria books, but a good few years ago now. IIRC, I dived in with the third book or similar, so was totally spoiled for the grand reveal. I loved many things about them – the music elements in particular, even though I am not musical in the least – and am probably inclined to be more forgiving than Jo Walton was in her review. I probably would agree that the last book (the one with two POV characters?) was the weakest, IMO.

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