2011: What Next?

At the beginning of 2010, I didn’t bother with a New Year’s resolutions post.  Come to think of it, I don’t think I did one the year before either.  Mainly because I don’t generally do resolutions, full stop.

But I want to reinvigorate my blogging habits and this feels like a good time to ponder on how 2010 has been blogging-wise, and what I want to do going forward.

I posted less frequently over 2010 than in previous years.  It’s probably not a massive surprise, but I came rather close to announcing a blog hiatus at several times over 2010.  I didn’t because, well, I don’t like closing the door on something.  Never say never – or something like!  And also, I think if I had made it official, I probably would have dropped blogging for good.

However, writing my 2010 recap posts reminded me of what I enjoy about blogging and why I started in the first place – I get a space of my own to shout about the books and authors I love, possibly the books I didn’t (though I don’t spend much time writing about these), and share book-ish links of interest.  I get to write about topics that interest me – at the same time, putting my opinions out on the Internets makes me think more (and that’s usually a good thing).  I get to interact with all of you lovely people who comment on my posts (I don’t think there exists a blogger who doesn’t love comments), and get new recommendations and make new connections.

I want to get back to that, and hopefully I will in 2011.

My blog isn’t super-organised, and I very rarely plan or schedule posts in advance (the recent 2010 ones excepted!).  I’m comfortable with that, because I don’t have the time to work to a strict schedule.  But I think I need some goals, or else I will drift along as I have in 2010.

So goals for 2011 – write more reviews about what I’ve read, especially the books I’ve loved.  I’ve said, slightly tongue-in-cheek, that you know I loved a book when I actually blogged about it – well, I’ve loved a lot more books than I’ve actually mentioned on this blog in 2010.  I will aim for at least one review a month (I never did say I was setting high targets – and hey, that’s twelve whole reviews a year).  And while I’m at it, I will also aim to write more general opinion or discussion posts.  Err… maybe once every two months.  Or when inspiration strikes.

And bearing in mind what I said above about comment-love, I’m going to try and comment more.  I am a big-time lurker*.  Let me put it this way: if your blog is on my sidebar, I definitely read it; if your blog isn’t, well, I probably do as well.  Ahem.  Seriously, I did try and update my blogroll over the holidays – you may have noticed it’s looking a lot healthier.  If I’ve missed your blog off, let me know and I’ll add it.

Finally, I mentioned previously that I opened a Goodreads account fairly recently – I need to figure out how to incorporate that into my blogging, or actually, if it works together.  At the moment, I’ve added upcoming releases to my bookshelf – this may be an easier way to track the monthly new releases that I want (at the moment, I just note them in a Google Docs document).  But what about reviews?  And tracking books I’ve read?  So a question for you: if you have a blog and Goodreads account, how do you use the two together?  Or do you keep them separate?

Right, that’s probably enough introspection for now – the summary for 2011 is blog more and comment more.  I’m all full of good intentions, here’s hoping they will last!


* So if you read my blog but don’t comment, I TOTALLY understand.


22 thoughts on “2011: What Next?

  1. What made you decide to do Goodreads versus Shelfari? I have both, come to find out. I added you as a friend in Good reads. I’ve tested out to see if I could post to my blog. Not sure if it is a time delay or something else going on which is causing my posts not to go over from Goodreads. Lastly, because you track your books, it would be easy to import. I took the books I added in Shelfari and imported into Goodreads. Nice and easy. Personally, I like Shelfari’s book tracking better. More information. Goodreads seems too basic. I have to play with it a bit more.

    • You know, I didn’t even consider Shelfari. Ah, I remember why I joined Goodreads – it was because I wanted to follow Estara’s reviews (as she comments here but doesn’t blog), and the only way I could figure out how to do it was to join Goodreads! And once I joined, well…

      I’ll have to take a look at Shelfari, but TBH, simple is good for me 😉

      And do you have a blog? I’d love to follow your posts.

      • *feels chuffed* I do hope you’ll find other enjoyable things and people there – from your friends list I’d say you already have ^^.

        None of the blogs I regularly read has had anything to say to Shelfari (just LibraryThing and that was far more basic than GoodReads the last time I played with it – but that was a few years ago and I didn’t stay with it), so I never explored that.

        I was just linked there one too many times and because it had been so boring to enter my books read in 2010 into an excel sheet (I started that because meganbmoore on LJ publishes her list of read stuff every year and I was quite impressed by that) and they make it so easy to add books to your shelves and there are so many possibilities to comment and review and recommend I’ve stuck with it so far.

      • I’m really liking Goodreads so far! I honestly didn’t realise so many bloggers were on GR – where have I been…

        I think I still have a bit to learn about GR – not quite sure what the difference is between friends/fans/followers, I haven’t dipped my toes into the Groups yet, and have no idea how to do a recommendation!

      • The recommendations field shows up when you review a book and add it to your shelves… at some point… then you can recommend it to your friends if you think one of them would like it who hasn’t read it.

        I am a Librarian now, but I don’t take much part in the discussions. Out of solidarity I joined the BVC group and the Friends of Elizabeth Wein group, but not much is happening there either – I don’t need it – I have enough conversations with friends or even just by commenting on especially interesting reviews by strangers.

        The following thing works for me in so far as I follow various book bloggers and authors – if they have a blog feed added by themselves or a Librarian I can use the home page basically as another kind of feed reeder – with the added bonus that if you comment on a post by a GR author they will see it at some point and might answer it.

        And I usually friend people I have had multiple conversations with online – unless someone else wants to friend me and then I decide if we share any interests, really. I do have to say when authors I have had contact with friend me, I’m very chuffed to accept it ^^. But my original intent remains: observing my reading habits and annotating my impressions about every single book I read.

  2. Li, I opened an account with Goodreads in 2009. But frankly I slowly began to populate it with my books in 2010 and it has been a slow process (I’m still updating it). I use it to keep track of my books and I make notes on the books I’m reading. Sometimes on books I don’t review in my blog.

    I also post reviews from my blog on to Goodreads after they’ve been on my blog for a while. So in a way Goodreads serves as a kind of “personal book or reading journal” for me, in conjuction with my blog. I link back and forth. I have a Shelfari account, but it’s not really active. 😦

    FYI, I’m also mostly a “lurker,” although I DO try to comment and love the interaction. You and I have that goal in common this year. 😀

    • Thanks for that! I’ve been wondering whether I should try to get my 2010 books onto Goodreads and leaning towards not, because that would be a massive task…

      I’ve noticed you (and others!) put mid-book reading updates on Goodreads, am liking that but I don’t know if I’m online often enough to do that (she says at 10.30pm at night…).

      And nothing like comments, eh? 😉

  3. Realistic goals are much easier to reach! Also, this should remain fun for you not an obligation – so I’m happy to get any bookdaze thoughts however I can get them.

    Re: GoodReads – there are several book bloggers also a part of the community there and there seem to be two schools of thoughts – some of them give their stars, etc. and then put a link to the review on their own site in the review text field.

    Others, for example Angie, first publish the whole review on their own site and after some time add it with all the formatting into GoodReads.

    My book resolve this year is to remember to enter every book into GoodReads, to read 200 books (they don’t make a difference between short story, novella, manga or huge novel, so that might actually be doable – considering how many books I read since April 2010) and to remember to write SOMETHING even if not a huge review about every book I enter … maybe even to enter more of my library… the books entered now are only the ones read last year, for the most part.

    • Err good intentions and all that, let’s see… I have been utterly swamped with work for the past week, it’s been a bit of a start to the year!

      And I am noticing all these things about Goodreads that I never did before. I think I may move my book commentary to GR, but keep any longer reviews here – and also copy to GR when I have time. Also agree with you about entering every book in GR and recording notes, but probably not on the 200 figure 😉

      • ^^ well, books are my major hobby. And I’m a stay-at-home single person, so I realise not everyone uses basically all of the spare time they have by reading, heh.

        I picked two hundred when I saw the the books read in 2010 was 214 – remember, there are manga and short stories and novellas included, too.

  4. I feel the same way about blogging – I blogged less last year too, and I’m coming back to blogging more by focusing on what it is that I love about blogging. And I’m the same way with reviews! I rarely write reviews about books I don’t like – but when I read a good book, I want to let the world know. 🙂

    • Heh – glad to know I’m not the only one on both fronts.

      Totally with you about wanting to shout from the rooftops as to how fantastic a book was – and it’s even better when someone picks it up based on your rec and loves it!

  5. Well Li, so far you’re doing great!! I’m just so glad you decided to keep blogging!! I love your insight 🙂

    Hmmm, Goodreads and blog. Well so far, I keep them separate. Goodreads is just a tool right now to keep track of my books. Not sure how I’m going to combine both, except the grades 🙂

    I don’t plan ahead either. Most of the time, I sit there the day before or the morning to write the posts and then just hit publish LOL. I try to set a schedule – like Hauling Sunday and Monthly Reads list, but that just gives more pressure than anything…

    • I loved your grades post 😀 I’m glad I’m not the only person who spends time thinking about that!

      You do keep your blog/GR quite separate – I hadn’t realised you had a GR account.

      Seeing the only “regular” err… feature I’ve done over the past year is my monthly releases post, I completely understand the schedule/pressure thing.

      • Well I’ve actually just started Goodread, Li. LOL. Like December 26… and I want to wrap up 2010 before starting to review the new books I’ve read. So basically, I haven’t had the chances to review any books I’ve read since December 26 ^_^; That’s why it’s so separate LOL.

  6. I’m glad you’re not abandoning your blog. It’s one of my favourites.

    And as far as the 2011 blogging is concerned I think you’re doing better than me at the moment. I keep meaning to write a post but haven’t actually done it yet.

    • Oh, ditto on the blog-liking!

      I’m not actually doing better than you – it just looks that way because of the spare time I had over the holidays to write the 2010 posts…

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