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Okay, so I am failing at this one review a month thing, but I have had no time to even think recently.  To clear my backlog of interesting links:

Ilona Andrews posted about her take on author responses to readers’ reviews.  Very sensible.

An Eugenides fanfic which imagines how a scene in Megan Whalen Turner‘s “Queen of Attolia” could have played out.  It’s rare to read a piece of fanfiction that feels just right – I think this one is spot on.

Kelley Armstrong‘s limited-edition novellas for Subterranean Press are also available as ebooks.  While “Counterfeit Magic” is still in stock, “Angelic” is out of print and I have never been able to convince myself to pay $25 for a novella.  I’ve bought the Kindle editions for both and liked, though they are probably priced slightly on the high side for short stories.  Still, probably worth the cash for fans who wanted to read the novellas (that includes me).

And sticking with the ebook novella theme, Jo Beverley has also re-released “The Demon’s Bride”, a Georgian-set story, under Penguin’s eSpecial programme.  I’ve bought it, but not have had a chance to read it yet, though I am wondering if I have the original anthology it appeared in (“Moonlit Lovers” according to her website).


6 thoughts on “More Linkage

  1. No worries with the pressure. I gave up posting altogether when the my own self-made pressure became to big. Linklists make a large part of my surfing – off to Jo Beverly now ^^ (I already read Ilona Andrews LJ feed, as I do yours).

    • I could spend hours clicking through links 😉

      January has been a MAD month work-wise – I’m hoping that it calms down a bit in February and I have more spare time to blog.

  2. Hey Li, did you read Ms Turner’s short story of Eugenides as a kid on her website, written for Disney? That one was cute too 🙂 As for this one, it’s a fanfic, right? Hmmm.

    Thanks for the news about Ms Armstrong! It’s good to know that eventually, I’ll be able to get it as an ebook. I agree with you, the price is a bit steep, even for die-hard fans ^_^; I wish Ms Armstrong wouldn’t stretch herself out so much. I mean, the novellas for Subterranean and the comic books as well… It’s hard for a fan to keep track of it all 😦 So did you read them yet?

    • Hi Nath – I’m not sure, link please? Yep, the one I linked to is fanfic, but is so perfectly-written that it could have appeared in the book, IMO.

      Yes, I’ve read the novellas (all I have had time for this month, really!) and liked them, but I’m glad I didn’t splash out on the Subterranean versions.

  3. Hey Li 🙂 The short story is on her website, but here’s the link:

    It’s tricky because it’s under short stories.

    Glad to know about the KA. I really feel like she’s over-reaching a little bit. I mean, I love her, but ugh. It’s so hard to get her stuff sometimes ^_^; I’m going to wait till Kobo has the novellas to get them. I’m glad I didn’t splurge 🙂

    Seems like you were really busy… haven’t seen you around blogland. Missed you! 😛

    • Aha – sneaky! I love Eugenides.

      Re the Kelley Armstrong stories, they’re fun, but don’t worry – you’re not missing out on anything by not reading them straight away. I’m looking forward to her next Savannah book, though.

      And yeah, have had a crazy month – I need a break!

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