Books I Sort of Want

You know those books you vaguely want but haven’t yet gotten around to buying?

Here are three of mine – all SF romance.

Sara Creasy‘s “Song of Scarabaeus”: This one came to my attention after reading Janicu’s review.  I would definitely buy this if it was available in ebook format.  As it isn’t, I’ve gone as far as picking it up in a actual physical bookstore and reading a few pages.  There is a second book out in March, so maybe the wave of reviews for its sequel will spur me to actually buy this one.

Gini Koch‘s “Touched by an Alien”: There is also the ebook thing with this one as well (which surprises me slightly, I’m sure DAW releases books on the Kindle), but in addition to that – and this is going to sound really shallow – the alien reference in the title is putting me off.  But I know quite a few people really liked this book.

Marcella Burnard‘s “Enemy Within”: I love the title and cover.  But it is a trade paperback so there’s the price thing, and also – at the risk of sounding like a broken record – it’s not available in ebook format.  Then again, broadly positive reviews which make it sounds like a whole load of space opera fun – and have already I said I love the cover?

Heh.  Writing this post makes it evident that the main reason why I haven’t bought any of these is that the ebook version isn’t available in the UK.  I guess I’m starting to view purchasing an actual book as a proper commitment (which it is – it takes up real estate on my very limited bookshelves!).  And my impulse buys are very much saved for ebooks.

20 thoughts on “Books I Sort of Want

  1. Can I wet your appetite for the Gini Koch with this link?

    How I’m getting US ebooks: I opened an account on BooksonBoard and added two addresses, one is my real German address, one is the former address of my exchange partner in the US (I simply added my name on top as “Estara Swanberg, c/o exchange partner” and so on.

    I own a PayPal account and only use this to check out. For quite a while that was enough, then suddenly they changed the deal but there still has been (so far) a way around it.

    BooksonBoard allows you to buy gift cards at any amount you chose, up from 5 dollars. Instead of sending this email-links on, you add it to your own account money and it works just like that.

    The downside – you are tied to BooksonBoard with that money (so I usually wait until I want to buy books, buy a gift card e-mail before that, put the money in my account and ring up the real purchase right afterward) and you have to pay those publishers, who collect tax in the state which your pseudo-address is from, that tax (still far cheaper than German VAT).

    A nice thing about BoB they offer reward points/money on certain publishers purchases (mostly romance publishers), not the big six though, and that may NOT be used for the big six publishers but for any other publisher who allows it, so slowly but surely you can get enough to buy some books for free.

    When you buy you have to commit to one format, but you can download that .acsm file as often as you want to from your shelf.

    Before big public holidays they tend to have special deals which give you even more of a discount.

    The Omnilit store may work similarly, because it’s the general books sister site of, but I haven’t tried that with my address and all, so this is the only shop I know about for sure.

    Another shop that occasionally sells me books the US doesn’t sell me directly is Kobo Books. However they only sell via single purchase and via your real credit card, so they know I’m from Germany. They seem to be able to sell certain US books to me, anyway – and if they don’t, I get the restriction info right away.

    They very often have special deals on the weekend, where you can enter a coupon code announced on the front page at the check out to get the books for a certain percentage off – if they do offer that then it works with all the books in the store that day, no matter the publisher.

  2. I started to say yes it is available in ebook! But then I remembered you aren’t in the states. And finished reading the post *g*

    Sorry. I am pretty sure they are working on trying to fix the ebook and geo restrictions but if I had to guess it will be slow going.

    • Heh. This was not planned to be a moan about geo-restrictions, really!

      My purchasing habits have changed definitely since I’ve bought an ereader though, as I would have probably ended up buying the paper versions by now, instead of just eyeing them every time I’m in the bookstore…

  3. I have all three in my TBR. 🙂

    Song of Scarabaeus – I’ll be reading this one in March for sure (green cover=St Patrick’s Day — I’m participating in several mini reading challenges).

    Since I’ve also joined a SF romance reading challenge, I hope to read the other two this year, as well.

    • LOL at the St Patrick’s Day association! Reading Janicu’s and Hilcia’s comments below, Song of Scarabaeus is definitely sounding like the right book for when I’m in an SF mood – looking forward to reading your thoughts on it.

  4. I’ve read all three. They’re all rather good, but of course different from each other. Song of Scarabaeus is my favorite, probably because the romance in it is slowest moving, and it focuses on the SF plot over everything. Touched by an Alien is the most FUN story and also nicely fast-paced (most compared to Men in Black except the MIB are aliens). Will be reading the sequels. Enemy Within is the most romance-y of them – lots more physical stuff going on, but also has plenty of action.

    So.. heh, I pretty much support your desire to read these books.

  5. Li, I really enjoyed Song of Scarabaeus. Like Janicu, I loved that it focuses on the SF details and that the romance progresses at a natural pace and it’s not rushed. I loved the characters and the whole concept there. I’ll definitely be reading Children of Scarabaeus in March.

    I’ve been looking at Touched by an Alien for a while, but haven’t read it yet, but I will get to it soon.

    I hope that you can get the books, though! It’s interesting because I prefer to read SF and fantasy in print format for some reason. Don’t ask me why. I’ve gone as far as starting to read an SF and or fantasy book in ebook format, purchasing it in print and finishing it that way. 😀 I know… crazy!

    • Haha, love that! I don’t have a preference between print and ebook… I think. Oh, for epistolary-style books, I prefer print, because ebook formatting isn’t the greatest. That is probably the only exception. I find it weird to read a book in ebook format followed by a reread in print though, it’s a bit of a different experience but I’m not sure why – will have to ponder that one more…

      And I think between Janicu and yourself, you’ve pretty much sold Song of Scarabaeus to me!

  6. Ohhh, those are very good choices, Li! I really enjoyed Touched by an Alien and I think you will too 🙂 Totally your style. I’ve also heard good stuff about the Sara Creasy and it’s on my TBB list 🙂

    I just checked out Enemy Within and it does sound pretty good. A pity it is a trade though 😦

    • I know you enjoyed the Gini Koch, but couldn’t find your review – could have sworn you had written one!

      I’m starting to see the Sara Creasy book popping up everywhere, but I’m not sure if that’s because it’s now caught my attention…

  7. No, didn’t write one ^_^; Was planning to buddy review it with Ames, but it turned out into too much “I like this, I love that.” You know when a review is too gushing that it doesn’t mean much?

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