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Things that have caught my eye (not so) recently:

I’m counting down the days to Seanan McGuire‘s “Late Eclipses” (next Tuesday!) and therefore have obviously been haunting Ms McGuire’s livejournal.  In honour of the upcoming release, she’s done a couple of in-depth FAQ posts on her world-building, which answers questions I didn’t even know I had, and go quite a way to explaining why Toby’s world feels so real.  I loved the post on the Cait Sidhe (Because You Asked:  A Cat May Look At A King) and this one going into detail on fosterage and the fae.  And also… perfume oils inspired by the books – I have no words to express how cool this is.  I mean, I’m not even massively into perfumes myself, but ahh, the descriptions.  I am very tempted…

I stumbled upon this review of Tanya Huff‘s “The Enchantment Emporium” at What If Etc Books, which summarised one of the aspects I loved best about this book:

However, while I felt The Enchantment Emporium erred on the side of too little information, this comes from one of the book’s strengths.  It’s told from Allie’s point of view and the explanations flow naturally from her.  There aren’t info dumps; she doesn’t say “As you know, Bob,” to explain something everyone present already knows.  It felt very much like I was dropped into this world and had to learn it by living it.

I loved how it felt as though the author trusted the reader to be smart enough to catch on eventually.  I think that’s somewhat rare in the current crop of fantasy releases, although Sharon Lee‘s “Carousel Tides” did it well too, IMO.

George RR Martin and Gardner Dozois have been coming up with some fantastic anthologies – the most recent being “Songs of Love & Death” (I liked Hilcia’s review, although I am still not getting the ending to the Neil Gaiman story!), and the new one sounds like a must-get, described as “… a mixture of urban fantasy, science fiction, hardboiled mystery, noir, paranormal romance, historicals, and fantasy PI stories”.  Charlaine Harris, Patricia Briggs, and Diana Gabaldon are amongst those headlining the anthology, so yep, auto-buy for me.  I love the cover too!


10 thoughts on “Around the Web

  1. You are totally right, there is little currently released which is willing to let the reader find out for herself, heh. Probably why I am enjoying Katherine Eliska Kimbriel’s re-releases of her old sf series so much, they do that, too. And have a savvy female protagonist to boot. Originally published in the late 80s, early 90s – when that was NOT the norm.

    • I have her books on my “to buy” list, thanks to your review!

      It’s a fine line – too much non-explanation and people possibly stop reading, hence I think most books veer on the side of too much info as opposed to too little. Both books I mentioned above got the balance right, IMO.

  2. Li, lol on the Gaiman story! Thanks for the heads up on that next anthology, I’m going to keep an eye out for it now. I’ll definitely get it and hopefully it will be as good as Songs of Love and Death. 🙂

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