The Best Sort of Dilemmas

I ended up laughing at myself.

I encountered the best sort of dilemma this week – whether to read Patricia Briggs‘ “River Marked” or Seanan McGuire‘s “Late Eclipses” first.

The postman brought both books on the same day, and I literally picked up one book, then the other, changed my mind, went back to the first book, started reading the first few pages, changed my mind again… and realised how ridiculous I must be looking.

For the record, I ended up reading “Late Eclipses” first.  And yeah, stayed up until 2am (on a weeknight!) to finish it – I am irrationally in love with Toby and her world.

To balance out my slight sense of guilt of picking Toby Daye over Mercy Thompson, here are a couple of Patricia Briggs links:

  • A free short story on her website – “Wishing Well”.  It was her first fantasy short story sale, and is a lovely quick read.
  • A transcript of her live blog interview at “Bitten by Books”.  Some interesting tidbits of information on her Mercy books/spin-offs there.  She also mentions Barbara Hambly and Jane Fancher amongst her favourite SF/F writers – I think I’ve only read one Barbara Hambly and none of Jane Fancher’s works, so will have to go and check them out.

7 thoughts on “The Best Sort of Dilemmas

  1. I haven’t read River Marked yet. I can’t believe it! It was slow getting here and then I haven’t had time to read it since it arrived…

    I think I might need to check out that other author now.

    • I have to say it was a surprise (of the good variety!) to have these two books actually arrive during their release week. I’ve just finished RM myself and while I’m still gathering my thoughts, it was definitely worth the pre-order.

      And “Rosemary and Rue” is the first October Daye book and it was total love for me…

  2. You can get lots of Jane Fancher as ebook these days, she’s the Jane who’s living with C.J. Cherryh and of course part of the Closed Circle website. I believe all her books are out of print by now, so she’s releasing them AND further books she’s written in the worlds there.

    I quite liked her Ringdancer books myself.

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