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A bit late with this, but the annual Dear Author/Smart Bitches DABWAHA tournament is up and running, though my bracket has pretty much crashed and burned (how could Meljean Brook‘s “Here There Be Monsters” go out in the very first round??!).  Gah.


Much better news – Sarah Rees Brennan has a UK cover for “The Demon’s Surrender”!  I loved the second book and have been impatiently waiting for the UK cover for the third to be released, after the US one came out last November (with a rather swoon-worthy Alan on it).

We get Sin instead, with a slightly different cover style from the previous two books (photographic as opposed to drawn art), which makes me ever-slightly-so-sad because I really liked that style – I thought it was unusual and fresh.  But that aside, I think this is a great cover and the typeface does an excellent job of tying all three covers together.  I cannot wait for June.


While we’re on YA fantasy, Holly Black has released a series of short vignettes set in her Curse Workers world from the viewpoint of Lila Zacharov, one of the secondary characters in the first book, “White Cat”.  What’s interesting is that the vignettes are presented in random order, with each variation “… shading the same events a slightly different way and giving the story a different ending”.

I’ve read them and yeah, they’ve done the job of getting me excited about the second book, “Red Glove”, which is out next month.


And finally, Dana Stabenow has released “A Cold Day for Murder”, the first book of her Kate Shugak mystery series, as a free ebook on her website.  I’ve heard good things about this series, but haven’t read these books before – looking forward to reading this one.


7 thoughts on “Around the Web

  1. I thought EXACTLY the same about Here there Be Monsters in the DABWAHA!

    And I love Sin’s cover model, but I agree they could have stayed with then painting her.

    Ah well, no taste testing that mystery series for me. I don’t have any i-gadgets. My Sony doesn’t play nice with Kindle or Nook format .epubs either, even if I wanted to invest 1 Dollar.

  2. Oh I crashed and burned ALL over the DABWAHA tournament, Li. LOL! I couldn’t believe Here There Be Monsters went out on the first round, OR Magic Bleeds by Ilona Andrews… or….

    Anyway, the only book I still have standing is The Iron Duke. LOLOL! So you know I’m out of but good. ;P

  3. haha, I changed my header and wordpress theme a few hours ago and then started going through my blogroll and it looks like I copied you! (with the wordle thing) I feel like I’ve been commenting about how I really want to read so and so’s book for too long now! I should get reading.


    • Hah – brilliant! I love the Wordle thing, have been thinking of re-running it to pick up my latest obsessions. I like how it highlights the main themes in your posts. And I’m glad you’re posting again!

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