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First off, bidding for two fundraising initiatives – Operation Auction and Genre for Japan – kicks off today/tomorrow.

Also, Tales for Canterbury is putting together an anthology of short stories to raise money for victims of the Canterbury earthquake – you can pre-order now and digital/print versions will be released in April.  Contributors include Juliet Marillier and Neil Gaiman, amongst many others.

I never cease to be amazed at the goodwill and generosity of the online book community.


On  a different note, Amanda Hocking‘s name has been all over the place recently as a poster-child for self-publishing, especially since she’s now signed a major publishing contract with one of the big houses.  I finally caved in to my curiosity, and decided to download a sample of one of her books  to my Kindle – when I realised it was only £0.49, I bought the book.  It’s not a bad sales strategy, especially since “Switched” is the first of a trilogy.

Speaking of ebooks, Tracy Grant‘s also published “The Mask of Night” as an ebook-only release.  I loved her previous two releases, and was going to include her new release “Vienna Waltz” in my April books post.

Links are to the Amazon UK pages, but I’m sure they’re on Amazon US (and other online bookstores) as well.


And Toni LP Kelner has published the table of contents for the upcoming “Home Improvement: Undead Edition” anthology (co-edited with Charlaine Harris).

It’s all sorts of good – especially since it includes a Toby Daye story from Seanan McGuire. Other contributors include Ms Harris herself (yep, a Sookie story) and Patricia Briggs (mention of vampires, so possibly a Mercy one?),

Happy dance.


4 thoughts on “Around the Web

  1. LOL, offering first book in a series at very good prices is definitively good strategy.

    Hmmm, maybe the Patricia Briggs novella is going to be about Stephan rebuilding his menagerie?

    • Oh, good guess – I’d like that! Well, I just like Stefan 😉

      I haven’t yet started Switched, but I like the cover. Yeah, me = shallow. The other two books are slightly more expensive, but only slightly!

  2. I like Stefan too!! LOL and we’re all shallow, Li. Really.

    So what have you been up to and what have you read? I just received Anna and the French Kiss. If I get to that one before you get to Five Flavors of Dumb, perhaps we can review buddy it 🙂 Of course, we could buddy review both books 😛

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