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I’m still here, really.  Just… lazy.  Lurking quite a bit.  Okay, a lot.

Anyway, before my blog falls into disuse, here’s what I’ve picked up from my lurking around your blogs.


Sharon Lee and Steve Miller have started releasing their Liaden Universe chapbooks as ebooks.  I’m downloading them to my Kindle as soon as they appear on Amazon.  As an aside, I have really upped my spending at Amazon ever since I got my Kindle.  I used to buy from Amazon all the time back at university (those were the days when they offered free shipping above £25, and I saved up for bulk ordering my books), but then slowly drifted away over the years.  But the sheer convenience of buying ebooks via the Kindle has reeled me back in again.


You’ve all seen Seanan McGuire‘s “One Salt Sea” cover by now, right?  I’m not quite sure how I feel about it.  I think it’s lovely, but it’s very different from the first three covers, style and atmosphere-wise.  But it makes for a striking cover, and I think it gives us a more vulnerable Toby than we’ve seen before.  The picture Ms McGuire has on her blog is without the text, and makes it really clear it’s mermaid-Toby.  Which is all kinds of fascinating.  I cannot wait.


And speaking of tantalising hints, Juliet Marillier blogs about writing from the POV of someone with a severe disability for her next book.  Which means her next Sevenwaters novel has Maeve as the narrator.  I’m looking forward to it.

And now I really should go and update my Goodreads account, which is at least two weeks behind.

11 thoughts on “Around the Web

  1. *sigh* Why can’t they have ONE seller that will sell to Europeans who don’t own a Kindle – not that the German Kindle shop sells English books from all I’ve heard….

    oh well – maybe someday.

    • Well, Sharon Lee did say the books were being sold without DRM – no idea if that means you can convert them to other formats though, I’ve never tried. They’re £2.10 each, which is way more reasonable than the paper versions.

      • Okay, I’ve just done a quick experiment – I’ve downloaded Skyblaze to my PC (I also have Kindle for PC), and renamed the .azw file to .prc. I can read this in Mobipocket Reader, which means it’s DRM-free and you can convert it for your reader?

      • Okay, I shall experiment – trusting in your expertise I have installed Kindle for PC was able to purchase and download Skyblaze and shall now see if it works that easily for me, too ^^.

      • Then I experimented with The Mask of Night only to find out it had DRM – after some searching I was able to find a plugin for Calibre to remove that and now I can actually read the book ^^. Yay!

    • I thought it was a really fascinating post, including her take on reactions to Fainne and Sibeal. I admit I never quite warmed to Sibeal, but although it took me a while to warm to Fainne, she is possibly the most interesting Sevenwaters heroine to date.

  2. Ugh, I blame work!! I hope it’s not exhausting you!

    I think the cover is really pretty and striking – at least, it has that in common with the other covers 😉 It does give a different vibe, but then, perhaps it matches the storyline?

    • I get the feeling work is not good for you at the moment either!

      I agree on the cover – I’m pretty sure it’s a Chris McGrath cover and they are always lovely. And yeah, I’m all excited about the book now – bring on September!

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