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The 2011 Hugo nominations were released over the weekend, and I was really pleased to see Lois McMaster Bujold and Mira Grant (a.k.a Seanan McGuire) receiving nominations for Best Novel (“Cryoburn” and “Feed” respectively).  I have the latter checked out from the library and really need to get around to reading it – despite me being a diehard Toby Daye fan, I am not into zombies at all, hence my reluctance to read “Feed”.  But hey, this is the exact reason why it took me so long to read the first Toby book – I was adamant I wasn’t into faerie books either…


Speaking of Seanan McGuire (yes, I’ve been speaking of her quite a bit recently, fangirl much?), here’s an interview with her at Fantasy Faction.  She talks about the Toby Daye books, as well as a bit about her upcoming series, Incryptid, and the Sparrow Hill short stories (which I haven’t read yet either).  I sometimes wonder how she has time to sleep.  Or eat.


Subterranean Press’s magazine, Subterranean Online, has a special YA issue, and I’m looking forward to reading the stories that will be posted over the next few weeks – some excellent contributors including Sarah Rees Brennan.  Two are already up, including one by Malinda Lo (I’ve been meaning to read her books for a while now).


And finally, Smart Bitches Trashy Books has this fun thread about Victorian romances – not Victorian-set romances, mind you, but romances written during the Victorian era.  I’ve already picked up some recs and have downloaded Louisa May Alcott‘s “Behind A Mask” and Mary J Holmes‘ “Rosamond”.  I’ve got a bit of a soft spot for old-fashioned novels.

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  1. I am going to have to add Seanan McGuire to my list to search for at the second hand store because the library has nothing by her. I didn’t know she was also Mira Grant. I think the library has her books, so I suppose I could start there. 🙂

    • I’ve a feeling you would like the Toby Daye books – I hope you find them. But yeah, I need to start reading Feed and see whether I get into it, or whether the zombies just make me run away screaming 😉

  2. I don’t like zombie books either, but I loved “Feed”. I call it a zombie book for people who don’t like zombies. The focus is much more on the people and how they’ve been forced to live that the zombies themselves. I thought of it as a book about “blood tests and bleach” rather than “blood and guts”. If you like her other books, I’d definitely recomment giving it a try.

  3. I read the blurb of Salt on Sea… I think I’ll need to give the Toby Daye books another try… did you love this series from the get-go? can I skip book 1?

    • I fell in love with the series right from the first book! Did you read Rosemary & Rue, or could you not get into it?

      In hindsight, I think the second is the weakest book to date, but mainly because Toby rather frustratingly blunders around not picking up on the most obvious clues (as opposed to the writing and world-building), so I probably wouldn’t recommend jumping into the second.

  4. Thanks for the SB link, that was very interesting, especially as Sherwood Smith also enjoys reading in that period and I got a lot of more information about some books from then. I wish I could recommend the German versions of Victorian romances to English readers, but from what I know they haven’t been translated.

    • I’ve bookmarked that link myself for future reference – this is one of the reasons why I love the internet. And German versions of Victorian romances sound very intriguing, I have to say!

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