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I stalk quite a few authors, but I don’t often go to their home pages, normally clicking through directly to their blog etc.  For some reason, I did go to Ilona Andrews‘ home page, and found this wonderful post* describing “Magic Slays” (out this month!) and how it’s about what happens after the Happily Ever After.  Love.

*I can’t find a permalink, so I’m assuming it’s only there until their next book release.


Sarah Rees Brennan‘s put up a short story (in two parts) to celebrate the release of her second book, “The Demon’s Covenant”, in the States.  It’s set just before the first book (“The Demon’s Lexicon”) and it’s slightly spoiler-y if you haven’t read either book yet.  It’s just made me even more impatient to get my hands on the final book “The Demon’s Surrender” when it comes out in June.


Also on the subject of Sarah Rees Brennan and short stories, I mentioned earlier she had a short story in Subterranean Press online magazine’s special YA issue.  Well, “Queen of Atlantis” is now up.  It’s fantasy set in a completely different world from her Demon books.  I’m not usually a massive fan of short stories, so if I say I was pulled in right from the start and finished reading with a lump in my throat – well.


An advantage of adding upcoming releases to my Goodreads shelf is seeing new covers pop up.  Here are Tamora Pierce‘s “Mastiff” (Oct 2011) and Holly Black‘s “Black Heart” (April 2012 – and that has to be Cassiel and Lila).


Finally, Macmillan obviously thought their SF/fantasy oriented site,, was a success – they’ve rolled out a romance-focused site, Heroes and Heartbreakers, a couple of months back, and have now launched a crime & mystery one, Criminal Element.

I subscribe to the RSS feeds of all three, and occasionally click through to read articles that interest me, but I’m curious – what do you think Macmillan’s getting out of these?

I’m not sure about the latter two, but I believe is more publisher-agnostic, i.e. it doesn’t necessarily stick to promoting Tor books and authors.  So I’m slightly puzzled as to what’s in it for Macmillan, especially as I suspect there’s been substantial investment in starting them up.


5 thoughts on “Around the Web

  1. Hey Li!! 🙂

    Read the post by Ilona Andrews, pretty interesting 🙂 looking forward to the book now 😉

    I agree about goodreads and cover… if only they could block ratings though before the book is released. it’s really annoying ppl who rate books that they haven’t read.

    • Hey Nath – yes, I don’t quite get that either. Oh well, ratings all balance out in the end.

      I cannot wait to read Magic Slays – I love Kate & Curran.

  2. re Macmillan, short answer: no clue. They are the most hated publisher (my perception anyway) who produces quality mystery novels. I was surprised to learn the blog sites were tied to Macmillan.

    • Julia Spencer-Fleming is published by them, isn’t she? It’s all around building online communities, I guess, but as the sites don’t shout about being tied to a single publisher, it’s hard to see what Macmillan gets from them.

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