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A whole heap of links that I’ve been meaning to post for ages…

From Kristin Cashore‘s blog, the Japanese cover of “Graceling” (too cute) and if you scroll right down to the bottom… I’m so hoping that is what I think it is!

Only of interest if you live in East London (so yes, possibly rather limited), but a branch of Foyles will be opening in the new Westfield Stratford City shopping mall later this year.

Orbit UK has bought the rights to Kevin Hearne‘s Iron Druid trilogy Nath has totally piqued my curiosity about these books, so yay for UK releases.

Sharon Lee & Steve Miller have a free Liaden short story up on Baen’s website, “Intelligent Design” – I am very much looking forward to their new book “Ghost Ship”. And it is now available for purchase although the official release date is 1 August!  This may actually get me out of my reading slump (I’ve no idea what happened because June was a great reading month, but I’ve read close to zero books in July so far).

Anyway, I digress.  Back to clearing out my list of links:

Not just the new cover for Patricia Briggs‘ “Fair Game” (I heart Anna & Charles – January can’t come soon enough), but also a behind-the-scenes type post from the cover artist, Dan dos Santos.

Karen Chance is one of my favourite UF authors – here’s an interview with her at Book Lovers Inc.

And finally, Angie and Holly loved Linda Gillard‘s “House of Silence” – here’s an interview with the author talking about the self-publishing story behind the book.  I’ll be honest – I didn’t love HoS as much as Angie and Holly did, but it was probably more to do with the mood I was in than the book itself.


6 thoughts on “Around the Web

  1. I saw the Japanese cover for Graceling, too, and I thought it was adorable! Katsa is nice in Anime style. 🙂 But the photos and news? *squee* I can’t wait! I’m glad her blog’s in my reader but I shouldn’t forget to watch for it.

    Ugh, gotta love those moods and how much they can affect a reading experience. Did you hear that Gillard has a new ebook in September called UNTYING THE KNOT? I’m excited for that.

    Thanks for the links! It’s always nice to hear from you.

    • I know – I’m going to be haunting her blog from now on!

      Thanks for the heads up about the new Gillard – I’m definitely up for trying another of her books. And I’m all about the linkage 😉

  2. Hey Li!! 🙂

    Hmmm, I hope you enjoy Hounded ^_^; I’m starting to feel a bit guilty at my enthusiasm for this series as I’m not sure it’ll measure up… ah well. It’s the risk of the game, right?

    Great link about Fair Game’s cover!! I can’t wait for it, definitively looking forward to it. I think they picked the right cover 🙂 I really like it with the red 🙂

    so how have you been doing?

    • Hey Nath – well, the fact that Orbit has picked up Kevin Hearne’s books in the UK means I may wait and try to borrow them at my local library. The again, I may cave and get the US version soon. Though I have plenty to read at the mo!
      I love the FAIR GAME cover too – unfortunately I bet we get a different one in the UK.
      And I’ve been massively busy, combined with some blogging laziness – as you may have guessed 😉

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