Musings and Such

Do you know how long I’ve had the “Add New Post” window open in my browser?

Yep, no inspiration.  So you get some random ramblings instead.

I’ve been working my way through a pile of second-hand Elizabeth Mansfield books that I got off Better World Books.  I don’t mention Elizabeth Mansfield often, but I’ve a soft spot for the sweet regency romances she wrote.  Way back when, I got my hands on a whole bunch of her books and had a bit of a glom.  Scanning her backlist, the ones that I remember loving include “Passing Fancies” (sweetest romance ever), “The Phantom Lover” (ahhh… the angst), “Her Man of Affairs” (ignore the dodgy Scottish dialect), and “Love Lessons” (guardian/ward trope working beautifully here).  They can be a bit hit or miss, however, so I’m hoping that I’ll come across a keeper in my latest stack.

And when googling for her backlist to link here, an active(-ish) website!  And her daughter is planning on digitalising the books.  Happy days – fingers crossed this progresses well.

Umm… linkage?  Nothing much – here’s a free compilation of the short stories on Baen’s website so far, including the Sharon Lee & Steve Miller‘s Liaden story “Intelligent Design”, which thrilled me when I figured out what it was about (me being a long-time fan and the story filling in a backstory gap very nicely).

Also, your thoughts on opening chapters – are they make or break?  There’s a collection of 25 opening chapters from various SFF authors here (note fairly large download, IIRC).  I don’t know – I flirt between reading the first chapter and opening  the book to a random page when deciding whether to buy or not (in a physical bookstore, that is).  And that would be after the cover grabs my attention.  Then again, when buying a new-to-me author’s books online, I always read the excerpt first, which usually tends to be the first chapter…

2 thoughts on “Musings and Such

  1. Sometimes the first chapter isn’t enough for me! If I’m in between liking or ditching, I just keep on reading, until I’ve read 2-3 chapters. If they all don’t work for me, then I’ll ditch it. If there’s potential, then I’ll take it! This has been a tried and true method for me with few exceptions!

    And haha, half the time I’m posting I have no inspiration either and I ramble until some sort of inspiration comes to me.

    • LOL – yes, sometimes you just need to get your thoughts written down! I think I’m just out of practice.

      I love those books where the first chapter wins you over – it’s very likely to be a good one. But if I’m still undecided after the first chapter, I tend to flip to the middle of the book… maybe I should try your method instead.

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