Three Favourite Authors

Seanan McGuire‘s “One Salt Sea” is out next week (not that I’m counting down the days or anything…) and she’s doing a series of posts about Toby’s world.  Talk about in-depth world-building.  I love.

Via Sounis: I had no idea that there were bonus short stories in Megan Whalen Turner‘s paperback releases of “The King of Attolia” or “A Conspiracy of Kings“.  Even better, they’re available online via HarperCollins’ BrowseInside – click on Table of Contents on the top right and then scroll down to Bonus Page.

And a twopart interview with Sharon Lee & Steve Miller, in which they talk about many things, including their ebook ventures and upcoming works (a sequel to “Balance of Trade”? Yes please!).

8 thoughts on “Three Favourite Authors

    • Oh, that’s not good news – I am still stuck midway in the previous book (not sure why, it was probably a mood thing), but the recent release has reminded me that I should really finish it and get the latest one. I hope she e-publishes the final book, sounds as though she already has a good fan base.

      And yay for freebies – Samhain do this quite regularly, don’t they? I actually bought ONCE A PRINCESS back when it came out – however, it is sitting in that e-TBR pile of mine…

      • I bought the Sasharia en Guarde duology in print back then, but it never hurst to have an e-copy ^^.

        I do hope Moira Moore can maybe find an e-publisher to finish the series – or do it herself. She definitely has started writing already.

    • Oh, it’s a good series – I am crazy in love with the books (if you couldn’t tell already). I hope you get around to reading them some time – I’m not sure how long she’s planning it to be (seven or eight perhaps), but I’m pretty sure it’s not one of those never-ending series.

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