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A new Sharon Lee & Steve Miller short story is always a cause for celebration – even better, it’s free, though they are experimenting with asking readers for donations if they like the story.  I haven’t read the story yet, but I believe it’s set in their Liaden universe.


Speaking of free short stories, I recently read Tamara Allen‘s free historical m/m romance short “If It Ain’t Love” and really liked – not just the romance, but also how the 1930s New York setting came to life.  I’ve seen Ms Allen’s name around, but have never quite got around to buying her books – this may be the spur I need.


I liked this post at All About Romance about mysteries with a touch of romance – one of my favourites.  While there’s something to be said for straight romance (or straight mysteries, come to that), there is something even more satisfying when you get both in a book.  There are some recommendations for new-to-me series, so I’m bookmarking this post.


A fascinating guest post by Toni LP Kelner @ Janice Gable Bashman’s blog about putting an anthology together.  Ms Kelner co-edits the themed anthologies with Charlaine Harris, so this is like a behind-the-scenes peek at what happens.  And bonus tidbit – their next anthology will be “An Apple for the Creature” coming out next fall.  Yeah, it took me a while too, but if I say it’s school-themed, does the title now make sense?


Chelle @ Tempting Persephone posted a while back about some Sherlock fanfiction she’s enjoying – and she was totally right to plug it.  I’m not a massive Sherlock Holmes fan – though I’ve read the stories, that was way back when, and to my shame, I’ve not watched the BBC series that has had rave reviews.  So when I say this piece made me want to re-read the books AND watch the BBC episodes…

Mad_Lori’s “The Blog of Eugenia Watson” is an excellent re-imagining from the point of view of (new character) Genie Watson, John’s daughter, and is set in modern-day London, with the twist that Holmes and Watson are married.  Which probably means that this will never be an approved adaptation, which is a shame, because the author captures the teen voice perfectly.  I loved Genie and the whole story, from start to finish.

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