New Glom and Links

I am on a bit of a Kelly Hunter glom.

I’m not sure what’s happened – I’ve suddenly doubled the number of M&Bs I’ve read in a year within a fortnight (though to be fair, it was a rather low number to start off with).  I’ve loved all three of Ms Hunter’s Bennett Family series that I’ve read so far – she pulls off very convincing romances, combined with dialogue that makes me laugh and some crazy chemistry between the hero and the heroine.  And she puts her own spin on tried-and-tested tropes, making them feel fresh and new to me – and that’s no easy thing, bearing in mind the number of M&Bs I’ve read over the years.

The first book is WIFE FOR A WEEK if any of you are interested – there were passages that made me smile right from the start and the eventual reveal appealed to my sense of the ridiculous.  There’s no obvious sequel-bait in these books, but I’m liking the sibling relationship between the four brothers and one sister and am looking forward to finishing the series.

I’m just annoyed because I can’t download the remaining two Bennett books I bought from the Mills & Boon UK website.  Grrrr.  I’ve emailed their customer services and hopefully will get a response tomorrow, though I’m very tempted to ask for a refund and repurchase from Amazon instead.  Yes, that’s how much I want to read them.

Anyway, apart from my glom, I’ve been browsing the internets.  Did you know Naomi Novik has a redesigned website?  And a cover for the next Temeraire book (CRUCIBLE OF GOLD out March 2012)?  And there’s a prologue?

And then there’s a couple of ebook-only releases.  I think 2011 is the year the ebook finally went mainstream.

Tracy Grant‘s re-released one of her backlist books.  DARK ANGEL’s an historical romance – I’ve only read her current series, which is more historical mystery/suspense, so it’ll be interesting to see if it’s very different.

And Tanya Huff‘s released a collection of short stories.  I’ve bought NIGHTS OF THE ROUND TABLE & OTHER STORIES off Amazon UK, so I’m assuming it’s now available widely.


16 thoughts on “New Glom and Links

    • WIFE FOR A WEEK is a good one to start with and it’s the first in her Bennett family series as well. It was apparently her debut book – I was massively impressed! It starts off in London, then moves to HK (I forgot to mention I really like the variety of locales she chooses as well – the second book is in Australia and the third in Greece). Pass on the fourth (come on M&B!), but I read an excerpt of the fifth and think it’s based in Singapore.

      I’ve just bought a couple of her 2011 releases (standalones, I think) – am hoping they are just as good!

      • The fourth are both set in Singapore: Luke is visiting Jake. It is also the only book of this series that sets things up for the next book (Jake’s). In this case, I’d have to say the last two should be read in order.

      • I read THE MAN SHE LOVES TO HATE (something like that), and I loved that one! Turns out I’ve read THE MAVERICK’S GREEK ISLAND MISTRESS and didn’t really like that one, but wow, this other one – so good. I will take a look at WIFE FOR A WEEK next! 🙂

    • Ha – you have more willpower than me! I would have finished the series already if not for that dratted M&B website.

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who loves these books.

      • Some of it is willpower, but mostly — “so many books, so little time”. 😀
        I also have 5 more of her non-Bennett family books to read, so it’s not like it’s the last thing she’s ever written.

        And I forgot to mention — recently read His Majesty’s Dragon. Plan to read the rest of the series.

  1. Oh, I read that book, Wife for a Week… but at the moment, I can’t remember the storyline. I do remember enjoying it a lot… and then, Ms Hunter just slipped off my radar. I’ll really need to check her again 🙂 Especially now that the Harlequin books are so easy to get 🙂

    Ohhh, new Temeraire book. I still haven’t read the last one. I love, love, love His Majesty’s Dragon – Temeraire was so adorable and the relationship between Temeraire and Laurence, awesome… but after that, Temeraire became a bit too mature and political. Are you planning to get this one?

    • I am definitely planning on getting this one, though I admit the last didn’t really work for me.

      And YES on it being so easy to get the ebook backlist now… definitely rec the Bennett series. Did you review the Kelly Hunter?

  2. Let me know how the Naomi Novik is. I’m kind of disappointed that Laurence and Temeraire got sent to Australia… I mean, the fall from grace ^_^;

    I actually did review Wife for a Week and Bedded for Diamonds… and from my reviews, I enjoyed them a lot!! LOL, I think I should go back and re-read them I think 🙂

    • Ha – I’m glad I reminded you! I’m going to have a look at your reviews, am keen to see what you thought.

      I am looking forward the new Temeraire book – I love him!

    • I can’t remember where I heard this… and I could be completely making it up, but I think she is going to bring the series to a close? I agree, the last few has felt somewhat meandering, so hopefully the new one is more focused.

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