Not that I’m Obsessed or Anything

Just in case you wondered what I was doing…


You probably won’t believe me, but there are a few Kelly Hunters I haven’t yet bought… really.

The only thing that drives me nuts are the titles – FLIRTING WITH INTENT?  WITH THIS FLING…? How am I meant to distinguish them?


12 thoughts on “Not that I’m Obsessed or Anything

  1. Oh, lol! I do that all the time! I get obsessed with an author and buy all their works. You should see my Kindle! 😀 I finally got my books organized by collections and now they are easier to access, but hmm… still… *g*

    • Ahhh… you’re so organised! I just saw the Dear Author post on managing Kindle collections today – I’m going to have a proper read through that because I have almost given up on tracking my ebooks…

    • I’ve read them and it is not getting any easier!

      Seeing you’ve read the first two Bennett books, maybe continue with the series? I loved them. I think you could skip the third if you really wanted to, but the fourth and fifth really have to be read in order.

      Off her website:
      Book Three: The Maverick’s Greek Island Mistress
      also titled Taken by the Bad Boy in Aus and the UK (2008)
      (Pete’s story)

      Book Four: Untameable Rogue (2010)
      (Luke’s story)

      Book Five: Red-Hot Renegade (2010)
      also titled Her Singapore Fling in North America
      (Jake’s story)

      • LOL. Well you’ll have to find a way 🙂 Or just remember the storylines 🙂

        I ended up getting Her Singapore Fling, The Man She Loves to Hate and Playboy Boss; Live-In Mistress. Those were the ones whose storylines appealed the most 🙂 Hopefully, I’ll enjoy them as much as you 🙂

  2. Ah, the M&B/Harlequin title effect. 😀
    My favorite is the title change when some of them crossed the Atlantic — real head-scratchers those. Red-Hot Renegade became Her Singapore Fling (but they’re still married, it’s not a “fling”!) or Priceless became Bedded for Diamonds (but diamonds don’t enter the picture until the very end, when he proposes, and it also give the wrong impression!). Where “fling” would have worked, because Pete and Serena are two unattached people not looking for a serious relationship at the time: Taken by the Bad Boy. The US title became The Maverick’s Greek Island Mistress, which gives the wrong impression of the characters.
    Flirting with Intent (sounds vaguely criminal) hasn’t made it to the US yet. Wonder if it will get a new name when it does.

    • I just checked her website – she’s just self-pubbed a Christmas e-novella (yes, of course I bought it).

      I agree that the titles are rather misleading – I don’t bother relying on M&B titles for an accurate reflection of the book anymore! The thing that frustrates me with the titles is that it’s almost impossible to remember what’s what – I have the same issue with the JD Robb “In Death” books and the Ilona Andrews’ Magic books. And then in this case, you toss in the US/UK title changes… arrrghhh….

    • She’s Australian, isn’t she? I love how she sets her books in Australia and/or South East Asia, with a couple of European locations thrown in for good measure.

      I really do rec her books – I hope you get around to reading your copies soon.

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