What’s Occupying My Thoughts

It’s Read an Ebook Week, which means all sorts of ebook freebies abound.  The MobileRead forums are great at filtering the slush pile, so to speak, but here’s a good one: Kelly Hunter‘s offering her self-published novella WISH for free.  It’s no secret that I fell in love with her books last year (possible understatement there), so this is a great chance to try her writing if you haven’t already.

While on the topic of Kelly Hunter, her April release CRACKING THE DATING CODE is up on the M&B website for purchase – the only reason I’m holding off is because of the disaster I had the last time I purchased directly from M&B.  I couldn’t download the books despite trying for ages – finally got a refund and repurchased at Amazon.  Gah.  I may cave though, and see if it’s different this time around.


If you’re following my Goodreads updates, you may have noticed I’m a tad bit preoccupied with this new author.  Just a bit.  Okay, I have totally fallen for Andrea K Höst‘s stories, so much so I may go as far as actually writing a post about them shortly.  The Touchstone trilogy pushed all the right buttons for me, while STAINED GLASS MONSTERS was the sort of YA fantasy I’ve been missing for a while.


Free short story called ONE HELL OF A RIDE from Seanan McGuire, set in her new InCryptid world – I can’t wait to get my hands on this.  Speaking of which, there are so many new releases this month that I want – it makes up for the drought that was January and February.


And… new Amelia Peabody!  Still a way off, but from Elizabeth Peters‘ website:

And I have started the next book. Tentative title is The Painted Queen, though that may change. It takes place during the 1912-13 season (more “keeping track” of the other books in the series). Give you three guesses as to who she is. I can’t promise when it will be finished – the mind works a little slower as time goes on! – but, I hope to turn in a manuscript this spring.

I have no words to express how thrilled I am.


10 thoughts on “What’s Occupying My Thoughts

    • Also, Fair Game is out!!! The new Alpha and Omega book by Patricia Briggs. I was able to buy it for € 5.50 at Kobo – it’s the UK edition, I think.

      • I know! Am definitely starting that tonight – it was £4.50 on Amazon, IIRC.

        And thanks for the Ann Somerville link – I don’t think I’ve read any of her fantasy works before.

      • Consistently good characters, worldbuilding – sometimes very dark – the third Darshian tale for example, or even parts of Kei’s Gift, but usually with a happy end or happy for now.
        She’s released a lot on her own, but also has various science fiction books out with Samhain – she always does m/m.

  1. Hey Li!

    Thanks for the heads up on the free Kelly Hunter 🙂 Will definitively check it out 🙂 Another author it seems I’ll be checking out is Andrea K Host. Her books are YA? Any books I should start with?

    • Hey Nath – I don’t know if all her books are officially classified as YA, but the two (or four – if you count the trilogy as three, as opposed to one long book) I read certainly came across to me as YA. I rec the Touchstone trilogy – you can read a pretty lengthy excerpt on its Goodreads page:

      I haven’t picked up her other books too – have been diverted by FAIR GAME and the new Spellman book (both good!).

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