Slightly late to the party, but spurred on by Janicu’s post, I’m going to take part in Bloggiesta next weekend.  I’ve been neglecting this blog somewhat and this feels like a good time to do a spring-clean!

Things I want to do:

1) Sort out a new blog header: I’ve used my current header for over a year now – time to update, I think.  I still like the Wordle-style design, but may play around with the colour and font.  And it’ll be interesting to see what are the words I’ve been using most often recently.

2) Work on my Goodreads reviews: While I would love to get my reviews up-to-date, it’s extremely unlikely I’ll manage to do all of them over one weekend.  I’ll settle for finishing reviews for all the books I read in 2011.

3) Cross-post my Goodreads reviews over here: I’ve slacked off recently on this, time to schedule some up.

4) Update my About Me page: It’s still basically the same page as when I started blogging, I may do a complete overhaul.

5) Write some blog posts: I’ve a couple of unfinished posts that have been sitting in the Drafts folder for a while.  I’ll either finish them or have a “what was I thinking”-type moment and delete them.

6) Twitter (possibly): Maybe I’ll even get as far as setting up a Twitter account.  Ummm.  It only took me a few years to join Goodreads and I’m loving it now.  No, I’m not an early adopter by any means.

Gosh, that feels like an ambitious list!  As long as I get at least half done, I’ll be happy.

14 thoughts on “Bloggiesta-ing

  1. Ohh! I’ve seen the event, but never really paid attention to it 😉

    Really sound like some good goals, Li! I’d love for you to be more active LOL. So I’m really looking forward to see what you do 🙂 And you can definitively achieve it:)

    Ha, I need to cross-post my reviews as well 🙂 But unlike you, it’s not from Goodreads to the blog, but the opposite 🙂

    • Thanks Nath! Yes, I’d love you to add more of your reviews to Goodreads, as I really like seeing all your friends’ reviews in one place when you click on a book.

      And I think writing the reviews in the first place is my biggest issue 😉

  2. Good luck getting all these done! I definitely recommend getting Twitter, it can be fun, meeting new people and keeping up to date with them as well as advertise your blog 🙂

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