Bloggiesta Update #1

A bit of a late start to Bloggiesta for me – I was planning on doing something yesterday evening, but after a rather stressful week at work, all I wanted to was collapse on the sofa with a book.  So much for Friday.

I’m easing myself into Bloggiesta by scanning the list of minichallenges (seriously impressed, btw).

Here are the ones I want to try:

Okay, I may be a bit ambitious there… but there is so much excellent information in these mini-challenges.  Time to stop talking and start doing…


6 thoughts on “Bloggiesta Update #1

  1. Everything sounds really interesting, Li! I’ll be taking close looks to all those links 🙂 Especially the backing-up of the blog!

    Ugh, blue screen of death. Booo. Hope it was just a one-time deal.

    And congrats for achieving the first item on your list! LOL, were you feeling a bit rebel? 😛 I like the colors 🙂

    • There are even more mini-challenges on the main pages I linked to – I had to be a bit ruthless and limit the number I wanted to do…

      Yep, it might be time for a new laptop. It’s been behaving so far (touch wood!) but it’s pretty old now.

      I’ve been ticking off the easy to-dos 😉 I am very much in the mood for bright colours, they’re in this season! I may actually tweak it a bit more as I’ve just been inspired by the neon-neutral trend…

  2. I’ve completed one challenge so far: Pinterest. I’m working on the comments challenge. I definitely should do how to write reviews faster as most of my time has been spent writing reviews. Hope you have productive day tomorrow.

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