Bloggiesta Wrap Up

Right, I’m done!  While I didn’t get through everything I wanted to do, I’m really pleased with what I did get done – from my to-do list:

1) Sort out a new blog header: Completed Saturday

2) Work on my Goodreads reviews: I have (finally) added all the books I’ve read during 2011.  Next task: 2012 reviews.  I need a better system – like adding books as soon as I finish them?

3) Cross-post my Goodreads reviews over here: I didn’t actually schedule any more today, but I’ll call that one done, I think.

4) Update my About Me page: Done!  I ended up only tweaking it slightly, but I’m happier with it now.

5) Write some blog posts: Err… not done.  One for another day.

6) Twitter (possibly): New account set up yesterday and I’m s-l-o-w-l-y getting the hang of it.  I can see how it could become quite addictive.

And the mini-challenges:

So all in all – 5/6 on my to-do list and 3/6 mini-challenges done.  It’s been a really productive and fun weekend – thank you again to Suey and Danielle for hosting!

4 thoughts on “Bloggiesta Wrap Up

    • Thank you! I’m happy I made inroads into the list of reads I wanted to add. I’ve to admit that looking back at the weekend, my to-do list didn’t actually take up that much time overall – I just had to focus!

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