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Excerpt up for Sarah Rees Brennan‘s UNSPOKEN.  I adored her Demon’s Lexicon trilogy and cannot wait to see what she delivers in this new series.


Andrea Höst contributed to a fantasy round table with some other fantasy authors on the topic of “One Step Sideways: What’s Fantasy FOR?”.  All their thoughts are great and well worth a read, but I loved how Ms Höst started off:

Fantasy, for me, is straightforward fun, awe and delight.  Like many others, I’m in it for the giddy dance of wonder, heart-stopping strangeness, numinous dusks, and the hidden, dreadful unknown.  Danger, adventure, romance, high stakes, epic magery, and most particularly Girls Doing Stuff.  I’m all for that.


She makes other really excellent points about why writing (and reading?) fantasy is so attractive as well, but I’m not going to even try and quote them here, else I would end up copying the entire thing.


Sharon Lee has sold two more books in her CAROUSEL TIDES world – I really enjoyed CAROUSEL TIDES, so am thrilled with this piece of news.


And a couple of other links I tweeted this week:

4 thoughts on “Links Galore

  1. Brilliant news about Shinn! I loves Troubled Waters, and it seemed a huge waste to have created such an intricate, multi-layered world and then not set any more books there.

  2. LOL, almost all the authors you mention in this post are on my list to try! 🙂 I did pick up Discount Armageddon, so I should be able to put a checkmark next to Seanan McGuire soon 🙂

    By the way, the new cover for Sarah Rees Brennan is quite pretty 🙂 And it fits the new look of your blog LOL. By the way, I like that you change the colors to fit your new header. Looking good!! 🙂

    • Thanks Nath! Yes, I figured out how to change the colour of the links – hopefully this is complementary yet still legible!

      The SRB cover is really pretty – it’s the US cover though, the UK cover hasn’t been shown yet. And I’m looking forward to hearing what you think of DISCOUNT ARMAGEDDON.

      ETA: I should look at changing the colour of the comment boxes too!

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