Links of Interest

I nearly missed a typo and the post title was almost Kinks of Interest – which may have attracted more attention admittedly.  LINKS to items that have caught my attention recently:


Courtney Milan put up a post about royalties received from her self-published v. traditionally published novellas so far – fascinating reading.  Ebooks have completely changed the publishing landscape from where it was a few years ago.


Congratulations to Mary Jo Putney on her marriage – I loved her wedding post and pictures @ Word Wenches.


Kristin Cashore answers some BITTERBLUE questions on her blog – be warned as there are spoilers about GRACELING, but I definitely appreciate the thought she put into the answers.


John Scalzi puts up a thought-provoking post about straight white males and umm… privilege – having just read (and loved) Ernest Cline‘s READY PLAYER ONE, it was an interesting (and timely to me) analogy he chose to use (and comments are worth reading too).


Sourcebooks’ Discover a New Love is doing a cover vote for the re-release of Patricia Rice‘s MUST BE MAGIC historical romance – both options based on very different concepts.  I’m not massively keen on either (the elements in the non-traditional option don’t feel cohesive enough, while the more period version is on the boring side), but if pushed, would probably go for the second.

Speaking of Discover a New Love, has anyone signed up for their monthly subscription package?  I was briefly tempted, but not all their books would be available to international readers, and I wasn’t sure if the more limited selection would work for me.


Meljean Brook has had a website redesign and is giving away ten copies of THE IRON DUKE (UK edition) to celebrate (and for feedback on the new website) – I read this earlier in the year and was completely caught up in the world she created.

She’s also put up the UK cover for the third book, RIVETED, which is out later this year – I love.  I’m really pleased these books are being released in the UK as well.

4 thoughts on “Links of Interest

  1. Thanks so much for posting that link to the John Scalzi article! It was really great to read. I loved that he used RPG examples to explain it. This would’ve been useful when I taught white privilege to a social justice 101 class last semester.

  2. LOL, I believe you’re right, you would have gotten more traffic 😛 and it would have spiced up the blog a little 😛 Just kidding.

    I love Ms Putney’s wedding dress 🙂 Glad that she found happiness!

    for some reasons, I don’t click with Sourcebooks. I tried several of their books and authors and meh. So nope, I haven’t signed up.

    The UK covers for her series are great 🙂

    • There are a few Sourcebooks authors that I’m interested in, but I haven’t actually read their books yet. I think it’s a great deal if you’re really into the genres they offer (or have some favourite authors) but at the moment, I’m just keeping an eye on their monthly offering.

      And yeah, I think the UK Iron Seas covers are great. I haven’t actually seen them in the bookstores yet… I think.

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