Random Bits

You know, I was a bit grumpy last week when we missed out on a long bank holiday weekend, but this four-day weekend has probably made up for it.

Reading-wise, I started on Carla Kelly‘s new release, MARRIAGE OF MERCY, over the weekend – enjoying the historical setting and the quiet attraction between heroine/hero (not so much the compulsory evil cousin though).  I also got around to reading the new-ish Nora Roberts courtesy of my library – her romantic suspense standalone THE WITNESS.  This was more of a mixed bag –  I liked the suspense sections, but thought the pacing slacked off somewhat when I reached the romance part.  The library also came through with Isabelle Holland‘s TRELAWNY’S FELL – this was a proper old-school hardcover published in 1976, with original library cards still intact.  It got me into the right mood, and I loved the book – it had all the modern Gothic must-haves, including a spooky manor house with a maze of attics, identity-swapping, and a sprinkling of romance.

And links of interest I’ve come across:

I loved Ernest Cline‘s READY PLAYER ONE when I read it earlier this year (I know, I haven’t really been talking about books I loved this year, have I?), and That Cover Girl had a great post about the covers of the various editions.  While I had seen the hardcover edition in the bookstore, it was the paperback cover that made me grab it off the shelves.

I’ve enjoyed reading all the blog posts on this Unconventional Blog Tour.  They’ve been thought-provoking and informative – I especially liked Kate Hart’s post on Citing Your Sources.

Everyone’s probably seen this by now, but this Almack’s voucher posted by Jane @ Dear Author?  Ahhhh.  I’m guessing you can tell who the historical romance reader are by reactions (or lack of) to this picture.

2 thoughts on “Random Bits

  1. How come you missed out on a long bank holiday week-end?

    Oh I’m a bit bummed you didn’t love the NR more… but at least, it wasn’t a bummer for you LOL.

    Wow, I totally missed out on the Almack’s voucher! Squeeee! I guess I’m a historical romance reader LOL. I’m kind of surprised though that the calligraphy wasn’t nicer… and more centered!!

    • They moved the bank holiday to a week later and added another bank holiday for the Diamond Jubilee, so that we then got one four-day weekend. A bit weird, I know.

      I know – so many people loved the NR that I had to check it out, despite me not really getting into her recent releases. It was okay, but I didn’t fall in love with it.

      LOL @ your reaction to the Almacks voucher. It is rather cool seeing a real-life version, isn’t it?

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