Catching Up

It’s only the second day of the Olympics and I’m starting to feel burnt out.  There are just too many events going on AT THE SAME TIME – and the BBC is providing live streams to ALL of them (or so it seems).  I *almost* want to go back to work on Monday so that I’ll be limited to the live text commentary (and maybe whatever’s being shown on the TV screens at work 😉 ).  If you’re not into sports, I think you’d be burying your head under your duvet and having a little  cry.  I thought the opening ceremony was brilliant (Mr Bean! James Bond! The Queen!) and it lived up to the hype.  The pop music section was perhaps too long, but I loved the nod to children’s literature (JK Rowling!) and the lighting of the cauldron was really dramatic (did anyone else think Hunger Games??).  Your thoughts?

Enough babbling about the Olympics for now.

A couple of links of interest:

Reading-wise, I’ve finished Eloisa James‘ PARIS IN LOVE.  I wasn’t planning on reading it as I’m not a massive non-fiction reader, but I bought it when the UK publisher offered the Kindle edition at a bargain price (still £2.39 as of time of posting), and ended up being surprised by how much I enjoyed it.  I read it over a couple of weeks, and the vignettes-interspersed-with-a-few-essays format lent itself very well to dipping in and out.  It was charming, which I expected (how could Eloisa James NOT write a charming account of her time in Paris), and hilarious, which I didn’t quite expect (I ended up giggling helplessly at a couple of scenes in the book).  But there were also sombre undertones (their sabbatical in Paris was partly as a result of Ms James’ brush with cancer) and I got an impression this was really a love letter in book form.  Not just the obvious one addressed to Paris, as much as Paris comes off as being a beautiful place to live, but also a love letter to her children and husband.  Good read.

That’s mostly it reading-wise – it’s more of short stories and novellas due to me being hopelessly distracted by the Olympics.  I have started on Wen Spencer‘s ELFHOME though.  Unfortunately it’s been years since I last read this series, so I’m appreciating the almost-info-dumping in the first chapters – it’s helping to jog my memory and I need it as it’s a rather complicated world!

8 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. I absolutely loved the opening ceremonies! What really hit me is that it was more of a celebration than the usual “ceremony.” I loved the pop music that was used throughout the whole thing. It just made the whole thing feel modern and up to the times, instead of the same old rigid stuff! It was brilliant!

    The Queen!! 007!! LOL! Mr. Bean was a hoot… When I heard that they were going to play Chariots of Fire I said, “Oh nooooo, that’s so boring!” and then when Mr. Bean came out, I just hooted and hollered. It was perfect. *g*

    The lighting of the Cauldron was gorgeous and so were the fireworks. Gorgeous. 😀 I love sports and the Olympics, so it’s never too much for me. ;P

    • Yes! It kept me entertained the whole way through – Danny Boyle is just brilliant, I think he had a different approach to the whole opening ceremony thing, and pulled it off perfectly.

      Also impressive was the fact they did keep a lot of the opening ceremony under wraps (despite the age of Twitter!), so much of it was a surprise.

  2. I need to re-watch the ceremony! I fell asleep ^_^; But then again, I’ve never been a fan of the opening and closing ceremonies. What I want is sports!! And so far, it’s been good 🙂

    When it comes to watching the Olympics, I say stick to what you enjoy watching the most. It’s easier on TV though – I’ve been zapping through 5 channels, switching it up LOL. and it’s okay not to see some stuff live 😛

    OH and I’m so glad you enjoyed the memoire of Eloisa James! I’ve been wanting to read it, but there aren’t many reviews out there, so I wasn’t sure!

    • You were probably exhausted after your holiday! It was good – definitely worth watching. The athletes’ parade did go on for a while, but I guess with 204 countries, that is to be expected.

      My problem is definitely there being too much choice about what to watch 🙂 The BBC is really stepping up a gear in terms of coverage.

      And yes, the EJ book is worth reading, though I don’t know if I would have paid full-price for it.

  3. I liked the EJ book too.

    It was a struggle to get up to get ready for work this morning. I am definitely suffering from having stayed up far too late watching sports that I generally have almost no interest in!

    • Ha – the advantage I have is that it is at least the same timezone. But I know what you mean – I have this sudden fascination with archery or beach volleyball!

  4. Hi Li,
    I’m so sorry we never met while I was in London. I wish we had a more relaxed trip, but we had every waking moment jam packed with someplace to go and since it was a family vacation, I just couldn’t skip out on them for a few hours. Thanks for being so understanding about that. The good news is that we loved the UK and plan to go back again sometime. So maybe we will get to meet up in London another time. OR if you ever find yourself on this side of the pond, especially in or near NYC, we will meet in person for sure. xo

    The BBC coverage of the Olympics was fantastic! They did a great job covering as many of the games as possible.

    I agree with your assessment of Eloisa James’ memoir. At first I had a hard time getting into it, but then I really enjoyed it.

    • Hey Christine – I’m sorry we didn’t get a chance to meet up too, but I’m really glad to hear you had such a good time and that you’re planning on another visit! And I loved seeing your photos on Twitter, I was amazed at the number of places you went – and your stamina 😉

      The BBC totally earned their licence fee several times over, IMO. Good commentary on the whole (and not entirely biased!) and as you said, really good coverage.

      I had read mixed reviews on the EJ memoir, so perhaps I had lower expectations going in? But it was good.

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