The Weekly Update?

It’s going to feel strangely quiet once the Olympics wraps up in just over a week’s time.  What are we going to do without having three (or more) TV channels screening different events with countless other streams online plus that live BBC text commentary?  Everyone’s been following the Olympics – I suspect productivity is not what it could have been.  And oh, the drama.  My favourite moment is probably when both the TV commentators at the men’s gymnastics team event practically screamed in (unplanned) unison that “…Great Britain has the silver medal!!!”.  However, that was followed five minutes later by Japan’s successful appeal and GB’s demotion to bronze.  Which was still the first medal in years and completely unexpected.  Good times.

Transport-wise (because I know you’re all dying for an update), it’s actually been good.  That first Monday of the Olympics felt a bit like a weekend morning – while quite not empty, peak-hour trains were not exactly packed.  It’s starting to get busier now, especially since the athletics have started, but the issue now is that shops and restaurants in central London are complaining that both visitors and locals have been scared away by the travel warnings and they’re losing business.  Ha.  And yes, since you ask, I’m still madly jealous of the people I see at the stations waving around their Olympics tickets.

Links – I tweeted these, but with more commentary:

And finally, reading!  I am having a good week – primarily because I’ve started reading Ilona Andrews‘ GUNMETAL MAGIC.  I am totally loving Andrea.  And Raphael.  And Ascanio.  And well, just about everyone else.  I was (ever so) slightly dubious about this book – sure, I liked Andrea, but would she be able to carry her own book?  The answer is an emphatic YES.  I’m about 2/3s through and only stopped because I was literally falling asleep last night.  And on that cross-genre thing, although GUNMETAL MAGIC probably sits in UF, it is very much a romance.

I also finished Wen Spencer‘s ELFHOME (ignore the cover, btw – oh Baen!).  I’m a fan of Wen Spencer, ever since I glommed her Ukiah Oregon series way back when, but I haven’t read any of her books for a long time.  ELFHOME is the third book in her Tinker series – here’s where I admit I thought I had read the second book, but realised probably about a quarter of the way through ELFHOME that I hadn’t.  Ooops.  By that time, I was too engrossed in the story that I didn’t want to put it down and find the second book, which probably gives you quite a good indication that Wen Spencer can tell a story.  The Tinker world is a unusual amalgamation of magic and technology, with both elves and computers coming together in a not-quite-Pittsburgh setting (and this was probably more unique when the first book was released back in 2003 than it is now).  ELFHOME had a good-triumphing-over-evil, feel-good story line – I really enjoyed it.

And I kind of think if I’m going to be doing this weekly wrap-up posts going forward, I’m going to have to think up a catchy title for them 😉


9 thoughts on “The Weekly Update?

  1. Oooh, the Olympics! I was on vacation all of this last week so I missed a lot of it. But I did sneak in a few moments in the evenings. 😀 My favorite moments? Not surprises, the fact that Phelps finished off his career on a high note! Love that boy… and of course Gabby Douglas winning the all-around gold medal in gymnastics. She was awesome!

    I didn’t read during my vacation, but am reading Gunmetal Magic right now! Loving Andrea, Raphael and DEFINITELY Ascanio! And yes, it is a romance… or as Kate says, “a Spanish soap opera.” What drama! LOL.

    And, RWA dropped Novel with Strong Romantic Elements? No kidding? I loved that category. Some of those books were the best! Aaaaaahhhh….

    • I hope you had a good break! Second Gabby Douglas one – she did a really excellent routine. Well-deserved. And the USA really dominated the pool 🙂

      Ascanio is fantastic, isn’t he? Loving the Andrea/Ascanio dynamics. And it’s really interesting to see Kate (and Curran) from a different perspective.

      Re the Strong Romantic Elements category – I know. I haven’t seen any official statement on reasoning, but I think it’s because they are focusing more on pure romance stories? I think they’re missing a trick if so, because cross-genre stories are growing more and more popular.

  2. Hey Li!!

    GB is doing so good at the Olympics! I can totally imagine the atmosphere in London!! And LOL about productivity, they don’t have to look for far for the cause 😛

    Glad the transport hasn’t been too hellish! I was rooting for Japan in Gymnastics… I hope King Kohei will continue for another 4 years and get redemption! 😛 And the medals that come out from no where are the best! 😛

    Woohoo about Gunmetal Magic, it’s a solid one 🙂

    • Welcome back! Everyone has the BBC Olympics live text commentary up on their PC at work 😉

      However, after what I said about the Tube being quiet, it’s taking a turn for the worse. Slightly sardine-like today unfortunately.

      Good to know you liked GUNMETAL MAGIC too!

  3. Well you know, at least, there is a reason for the sardine phenomenon… unlike in Paris where it was simply day-to-day rush hour ^_^;

    I wonder how the text commentary works. I just outright watch them online LOL.

    • I’d watch it online too except we’re “discouraged” in the office – uses up too much bandwidth!

      Here’s a link to one:

      It’s essentially a scrolling live text update – automatically refreshes your page so the latest updates are always on top, and they pull together updates about everything that’s going on as well as reactions from Twitter, text messages etc. It keeps me updated on the latest – my TV licence fee is well-spent IMO!

  4. Not that I knew what commuting by train in London was like before, but it was very smooth while we were there and we did travel the tube many times during rush hour. Restaurants were busy, but you know.. we never had to wait for a table. It worked for us!

    • I admit it – I was impressed by how well the transport system coped. Definitely busier today (first weekday post-Olympics), so I’m guessing everyone who was doing the working from home thing is back in the office today. Good to hear the plans put into place worked!

      And I am thinking about how best to (quietly) take photos in my library!

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