End of Summer Links

September already?  I think I’ve a touch of the post-summer blues – certainly I’m not in the mood to write any reviews (although I do recommend Sherwood Smith‘s DANSE DE LA FOLIE if you want a Heyer-esque Regency romp).  So in lieu of that, you get more links.


I love Holly’s blog at the Book Harbinger – as proof of her excellent taste in books, she’s hosting a Seven Days for Sevenwaters week (from Sept 10), where we all get to talk about Juliet Marillier‘s amazing fantasy series.  I’m contributing a guest post, but I’m not the only one.   Go see what goodness Holly has planned – and she will be posting round-ups of Sevenwaters-related posts throughout the week, so if you want to join in the fun, please do.  I’m really looking forward to this.


Mills & Boon’s RIVA relaunch is now live and here are the rebranded covers. “Fun, flirty, sexy and stylish” is the new tagline, and while part of me mourns the more traditional M&B covers, their replacements aren’t bad.  Of course, I’d recommend Kelly Hunter‘s WITH THIS FLING if you haven’t read it already – I don’t think I’ve read a bad Hunter.


A bit late now, but I enjoyed reading this recap of the 2012 Romance Writers of Australia at Book Thingo.  There’s a bit about Penguin Australia’s new digital imprint Destiny Romance as well as Harlequin Escape.


I loved this interview with Sherwood Smith at Tor.com.  It’s more in-depth than the standard author interview (I really liked the world-building insights), plus she (briefly) mentions a few authors who she thinks are doing interesting things.  I’m familiar with some (Megan Whalen Turner, say) but haven’t read the others – so yay, more authors to check out!


A new (and free) Toby Daye short in anticipation of Seanan McGuire‘s upcoming ASHES OF HONOR. I cannot wait – and if you’ve already read it, gah.  Yes, I can be eloquent.  Also, if you missed it, she did a series of Q&A posts on Toby’s world on her livejournal.


And finally, this is interesting – a Save the Scifi initiative to release out-of-print science fiction books in ebook form (if I read that correctly). A bit more info in this interview at the Tor Books blog.  I’m intrigued, but I would be more inclined to purchase single books as opposed to signing up to a subscription, and I don’t think they offer that option.

2 thoughts on “End of Summer Links

  1. Nice collection of links Li! Are you sure it’s post-summer blues or post-Olympics blues? I know you have the para-Olympics going on now though.

    I’m probably in the minority, but I do like the new covers of M&B. They’re fun 🙂

    Haha, check out those new authors and let me know which ones I should try!

    • Heh – definitely a combination of both post-summer and post-Olympics. The Paralympics are helping though 🙂 I can’t quite remember the last time I actually wrote a “proper” review now – though I think this happens every summer!

      I don’t mind the new M&B covers, but I haven’t yet actually seen any in real life yet. I’m reserving judgement!

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