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I’m looking forward to Eileen Wilks‘ October release MORTAL TIES, the latest in her World of the Lupi series, and this short story about Rule whetted my appetite nicely.  It’s part of Literary Escapism’s School’s In series, and there are quite a few other authors participating.


Kristin Cashore posted about her editor starting up her own imprint at Penguin:

Penguin Young Readers Group has announced the formation of Kathy Dawson Books, an imprint that will focus on “emotionally driven” middle grade and young adult fiction across a variety of genres.

It sounds interesting (a winter 2014 launch though) – equally interesting (if not more!) is the mention of Kristin Cashore working on a contemporary novel.


I enjoyed reading Andrea K Höst‘s guest posts on classic mysteries at The Readventurer – her first post was on Agatha Christie books and the second on other classic mystery authors.  I’ve probably read every single Christie published (and multiple times too), but found the second post useful – she highlights less well-known (at least to me!) authors and provides pointers on where to start.

Re Agatha Christie, I loved Hercule Poirot from the start, but found the Miss Marple books a bit slow and boring when I first read them.  They’ve grown on me during re-reads though (maybe they weren’t for impatient teens), and Miss Marple’s now my favourite Christie detective.  As for the rest, I find Tommy and Tuppence engaging, don’t really get on with Ariadne Oliver (which is kind of amusing because she appears to be based on Agatha Christie herself), and really like the two Parker Pyne and Mr Quin short story collections.

Do you have any favourite Christies?


This is very late, but Ilona Andrews posted the cover for the UK edition of GUNMETAL MAGIC.  They’re self-publishing the UK edition from what I gather (I can’t believe that UK publishers don’t want this series).

I’ve already bought the US edition, so probably won’t buy this when it comes out (though I am kind of torn on this – I want to support their UK sales, but don’t see the point of paying twice for a book). But I do like their image of Andrea – I think she looks harder than the model on the US cover, more ready to do battle and take you down.



Finally, it’s hardly a secret that I’ve fallen for Tammara Webber‘s books recently (I gulped down her Between the Lines series after I finished EASY).  She posted her last rejection letter for the first Between the Lines book – the last because that’s when she decided to take the leap and self-publish.

It made me wonder how many fantastic books are out there unpublished because they’ve not found an agent (or publisher) who believed in them.  This whole e-publishing thing has opened up a new world.

12 thoughts on “Random Linkage

  1. Thanks for the link to Höst’s posts. I’m a huge Agatha Christie fan. My mum had all her books in Spanish (printed 5 novels per volume, on paper that was so thin it was practically translucent), and I read them all in about a year. I must have been about 12. I then reread them over and over for years. Poirot was always my favourite detective, although I did love Miss Marple. I was less fond of the Tommy and Tuppence books, not because there was anything wrong with the characters, but because thrillers have always bored me. Except, that is, for The Man in the Brown Suit, which I always had a soft spot for. Must have been the romance! Hmm… I really should reread some old faves. I’ve only recently started listening to audiobooks, and I expect hers would be good candidates.

    • Another Agatha Christie fan! I did the same re rereads, though now I tend to wait a few years before diving into them again.

      There is something about Poirot, isn’t there – CURTAIN is the one book I don’t reread.

      I’d be interested to hear what you think of her audiobooks, I’ve not seen any reviews of them (though it’s fair to say I’ve not been looking out for any!).

  2. I’ve fallen behind the eight ball with this series, so far behind ^_^; I’m glad you’re still enjoying it, Li! Do you think I could pick up one book and just re-start the series from there?

    I’m really surprised that the Kate Daniels series doesn’t have an UK publisher. The cover is interesting. It’s true the model looks tougher than the US model and probably fits more the real image of Andrea… But I kind of like the US cover. Guess because it fits the other US covers more 🙂 Also, she looks “other” more 🙂

    Okay, I need to try Tammara Webber. Everyone is raving about her 🙂

    E-self-publishing has opened a lot of doors, but there’s two sides to a coin…

    • I think you have to read Eileen Wilks’ books in order else there’ll definitely be parts where you’d be left puzzled. There are a couple of books which are pretty standalone though, IIRC – let me know if you want recs.

      What I find intriguing about the Andrea UK cover is that it was chosen by the authors, so must fit their mental image of Andrea!

      LOL @ the two sides of a coin comment!

      • When Ilona posted the cover on their blog she basically said: “right hair colour, has more muscle tone and the right guns, but we had to buy a stockphoto to manipulate so I don’t want to hear anything about the hair length” – I can see her point, heh.

  3. Thanks for pointing to that short story – I can dotepub it and have another ebook-file in the World of Lupi for my Sony Reader. It’s just nifty.

    Where’s your looking forward comment for And All the Stars, I ask? Your love for all her books making me read all her books and also falling in love in the first place!

    • Oh and I’m not sure you saw my answer to your comment on GR – I didn’t post it in the same thread after all.

      Li wrote: “BTW, did you know you’re name-checked in the acknowledgements for this book?”

      Li, I’m answering you here so as not to muddle up the contest entries on my status update ebook giveaway: Andrea added me, I presume, because I told her the three instances where I had found grammar mistakes in the version she had sent me (post-beta review final stages). And because I was recommending it here so hard after my read. A bit too much for the actual reach I have but it was a real pick-me-up after last week and I am ever so chuffed.

      I might make it my life’s goal to show up in as many favourite authors’ acknowledgements as possible ^^

    • I’ve mentioned AND ALL THE STARS so much recently that I thought I would refrain this time 😉 Don’t worry, it’s coming.

      I’d love an epub version of the short story – thank you! Will DM you my email address via GR.

      And yes, I’d be thrilled too if one of my favourite authors mentioned me in their acknowledgements!

    • I know! I started reading, and hit the end far too soon… which is the trouble with these serials. I think I’m far too impatient to be a proper serial reader.

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