My Latest Toy (and Other Links)

I got a Kindle Paperwhite!

I was going to wait on a new ereader until the Nook made an appearance in the UK, especially as I wasn’t that keen on the Kindle Fire.  But when Amazon announced that they were also launching the Paperwhite this month, I couldn’t resist.  I was pretty happy with my Kindle, but the screen contrast meant that I struggled to use it in not-so-well-lit conditions, and the Paperwhite with its improved display sounded like an ideal option.  Of course, after I placed my order, I checked the online forums and found some complaints on the screen quality…

Fast-forward a couple of weeks or so, and the Amazon package arrived on my doorstep.  The excitement!  Quick thoughts:

  • I’ve no issues with the screen – the display is definitely an improvement over the previous version.  Some people have reported a degradation over time, so that may change, but for now, I’m really happy.
  • I’m having some minor issues adjusting to the touch screen – I’m more used to pressing a button to change pages instead of tapping or swiping.  I wish there was an option to switch the tap zones around (I think that’s what you call them?).  Also, there’s no quick way to skip to the next chapter apart from going via the menu (unless I haven’t found that feature yet).
  • It helps having had a Kindle before, because I found it pretty easy to navigate and figure out how to do things.
  • I don’t think it’s significantly heavier than the previous version, but I find it a bit more difficult to hold in one hand (I think it’s to do with the taps/swipes than the actual weight actually).
  • I still need to figure out how I’m going to transfer all my old books and collections across from my old Kindle (any tips, anyone?) – in the meantime, I’ve been downloading the ones I want to read from the Amazon cloud.

So initial verdict is a definite yes.  That may change once I see the Nook IRL…


Possibly tied in to the new Kindle launches – Amazon UK is having an Autumn Book Harvest sale until Nov 7.  Probably only for UK readers, but there are some good bargains.  I snapped up e-versions of the first four Amelia Peabody books for £1.19 (for the set!).  Other bargains that caught my eye (but I refrained from buying):

  • Nora RobertsTAMING NATASHA – £1.09 (Estara and I were just discussing the Stanislaskis family books the other day)
  • Ree Drummond‘s PIONEER WOMAN – £0.99 (I like the Pioneer Woman blog, so was tempted)
  • Jim Butcher‘s STORM FRONT – £1.99 (first in his Dresden Files series – not his best, IMO, but introduces the whole series)
  • HOME IMPROVEMENT edited by Charlaine Harris and Toni Kelner – £1.69 (UF anthology with contributors including Patricia Briggs – I borrowed this from the library as I was only interested in a couple of stories, IIRC, but it’s probably worth buying at that price)


And a couple of links:


22 thoughts on “My Latest Toy (and Other Links)

  1. HI! I just got the Paperwhite about 11 days ago. (Oct 17!) I love mine. I had a K1 for 4.5 years before I upgraded to this.

    There is an easy way to move it, if you are interested. Just connect both to the computer and move books from one to the other. If you use Calibre, you could do it through there too.

    • Oh, good tip! I will hook both up to my computer and do that. I use Calibre mostly for conversion, so any books I’ve bought directly from Amazon or in .mobi format is not in there – disorganised, I know.

      And I’m glad you’re loving the Paperwhite. I think I will too.

  2. ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not because of the fact that you were kind enough to mention the shout-out which made my day today but because I ALSO BOUGHT A NEW E-READER this month! And I also didn’t need to, heh.

    The newest (and I wouldn’t be surprised to hear last) Sony Reader PRS-T2 was 99 Euros at (with three German .epubs at around 8 Euros worth a book free). And I just happened to have a small windfall of money owed me. And they had a 30-money-back warranty, so it was a no-risk order.

    And it is so much faster and even nicer contrast and 16 shades of grey instead of 8 and I imported 900 files to it already (books and short stories, so it’s not all huge) and it still has loads of place. And of course, now I could actually buy per wifi at the libri store, although I don’t want to. Anyway, I’m really quite satisfied with it at that price – and the PRS-650 is now my emanga only book, because it still supports .lrf and the new machine doesn’t anymore.

    • The PRS2 still has buttons to go through pages at the bottom, but it also has swiping, and you can change direction in the set-up – they even implemented some of the iPad gesture bits for the font resizing. And the note taking works much faster and more precise on this machine (but then I’m using the actual book memory for the first time and not the extension slot, although I’ve prepared by buying a fast card for that as well).
      And you might want to back-up your Kindle books locally anyway.

    • Obviously a good month for ereader sales 😉 I haven’t seen the newer Sony Readers (my first ereader was a Sony, before I bought a Kindle), but that sounds really reasonably priced to me. And based on the features you describe, more flexible as well!

      I think the Sony is probably a better ereader from a technical perspective, but the Kindle is marketed better and is more user-friendly.

      • The Kindle is for sure marketed better and the shop experience is so much better it in comparison that you can’t compare. What it isn’t is more user-friendly in the e-reading experience ^^.

        Sony really lost the market share with their horrid shopping experience (and much too high priced models), but their hardware and software used to be leading edge. Now with their financial troubles at home the newest eReader (in comparison to the model right before it, which isn’t what I owned, I had the model before that) looks like a sloppy update with some features removed that were sensible of the TS1.

      • Yep, I should have clarified that I mean user-friendly in terms of the shopping experience. I remember when I had my Sony, they still had the standalone application to purchase books – painful.

        It will be interesting to see if they decide to continue and compete in the space, it does sound as though they’re losing interest. It’s a shame as they were really one of the pioneers in the ereader field back then.

  3. Congratulations on your Paperwhite, Li! That is so exciting. I’m glad you like it so far. I would love to handle one IRL. Too bad there are not Amazon stores? I do like how my Nook with Glowlight has buttons to turn pages as well as the tap/swiping touchscreen option. It’s also small and lightweight enough to hold comfortably in one hand, too. Sorry, I should stop now… 😉 So far my Nook hasn’t been quite as easy to transfer egalleys from Netgalley onto it as it was with my Kindle. Good think I have both ereaders. 🙂

    • It’s always nice to have options, isn’t it?? I just saw an advert for the Nook that said they were available in physical stores now, so I’ll have to stop by and check one out this weekend! I have heard good things about it, but Amazon’s doing really well at dominating the UK ereader market at the moment.

      I only realised the lack of page turn buttons on the Paperwhite is causing a fair bit of debate online when I had a look at Estara’s link above – I’ll have to see whether I get used to it after a few weeks.

  4. Awesome, Li! Glad you’re enjoying the Kindle White so much. I didn’t realize it had a new version out. So many, it’s hard to keep track. So far, it sounds good.

    You`re lucky, you can get the Nook in the UK. Still no sign of it in Canada.

    And Storm Front really wasn’t the best Dresden. Jim Butcher only found his stride with Summer Knight. Can`t wait for Cold Days! One more month!

    • But Kobo is really big in Canada, correct? I’ve seen the Kobo ereaders in-person here, but liked the Kindle better.

      I agree about the Dresden books – the first books are okay, but not fantastic. I’m looking forward to COLD DAYS too, especially after the events of the last book!

  5. Nod nod. Kobo is big because you don’t have that many option. As for Kindle, well I’m still not a fan of Amazon ^_^;

    and yes, just want to know what path Dresden is going to walk 🙂

    • I know – the previous books have been big game-changers in the Dresden series! I like it though, at least the series is not staying static.

      The thing about Amazon is that once you cave and get a Kindle, it is SO easy to buy books. But I agree that they may not be for everyone, especially if you’re comfortable with converting/sideloading ebooks onto your ereader.

  6. Hi Li,
    So glad you are enjoying the Paperwhite Kindle! I think once you get used to the touchscreen and swiping and tapping, you’re going to love it even more.

    I just borrowed Home Improvements from the library last week. I hope to read a couple of the stories before I have to return it.

    Have fun reading!! 🙂

    • Hi Christine! I’m so glad you made it through Sandy safely.

      Yes, I’ve read a couple of books on it now, and I’m getting used to the way the touchscreen works. I don’t think it’s going to be a dealbreaker for me.

      Hopefully you’ll get through some of the short stories in HOME IMPROVEMENTS – that’s the advantage of borrowing an anthology!

  7. Since I just bought four books, I’m not sure if I should thank you for the heads up on the Harvest Sale or not. 🙂

    My husband has ordered a Paperwhite for me after my K3 died on me a few months back. Now I’m just waiting for it arrive.

    I’m pretty sure I can blame Estara for becoming and Andrea K. Host fan as well. I can’t remember how I first read about Stray, but she sure kept me going on buying and reading.

    • Ha – I’m glad I’m not the only one that couldn’t resist the sale! Some good books there, I think. I’m looking forward to hearing your Paperwhite impressions, especially compared to the Touch you’re using now.

      Yes, let’s all blame it on Estara 😉 STRAY was my gateway book as well, IIRC.

      PS I totally missed that you moved your blog! Added to my feed reader now…

  8. Oh, I forgot.

    You can jump backwards and forward by chapter on the Kindle Touch (I’m using my son’s at the moment) by swiping straight up or straight down. The odds are good it’s the same of the KPW. I can never remember which one goes which way, but a few tries should help you work it out.,

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