Award Nominees, Short Stories, and Recs

RT Times has been revealing their 2012 Reviewers’ Choice Awards nominations – here’s their paranormal/urban fantasy category (with links to the other categories).  While it’s been interesting scanning through the nominated books, there are quite a few sub-categories (nine for the paranormal/urban fantasy category alone – I have to say this is the first time I’ve seen a steampunk novel section) and a correspondingly large number of books…  So I’m guessing the nominee list should be taken with a slight pinch of salt, though it may be a good source for finding something in a specific sub-genre.


Estara recommended Karalynn Lee‘s fantasy romance HEART OF THE DRAGON’s REALM the other day – I liked it enough to go searching out her other works, and while looking up her short stories on the Beneath Ceaseless Skies online magazine, I found a couple of fun fantasy shorts by Marissa Lingen I enjoyed: The Witch’s Second and Cursed Motives.  I’ve downloaded e-versions of her other stories to read and plan to browse through more of BCS at a later date.

************ has an “If You Like…” post on Lois McMaster Bujold and her Vorkosigan SF books –  recommendations in the comments include my some of (other) favourite series, including Elizabeth Peters‘ Amelia Peabody series and Megan Whalen Turner’s Attolia books (suggested by LMB herself!).  I love this kind of cross-genre If You Like posts – it doesn’t matter that the Amelia Peabody books are historical mysteries and MWT writes YA fantasy, it’s the story and characters that count.  And as all three series are on my keeper shelf, I suspect this is a post that I need to bookmark for further recs.


4 thoughts on “Award Nominees, Short Stories, and Recs

  1. Any other series that was suggested and that we should give a try? I seriously hope the next Attolia book comes out soon. Sigh. I think we’re due, no? LOL.

    I find it fun that they broke down the paranormal/urban Fantasy into so many categories, since there are so many books of these genres nowadays. However, what is the difference between urban fantasy and urban fantasy world building? That sounds a bit the same for me.

    • There were lots of recs that sounded great – I was in the mood for fantasy, so bookmarked the Melissa Scott and Daniel Abraham suggestions to check out later.

      Re the sub-categories, I know! I’m guessing UF world-building is for standout worlds but not-so-great stories, whereas UF would be both?

  2. Keep me posted on those suggestions, Li!!

    Hmmm, hard to tell since I haven`t read Cold Days yet… but it being nominated for UF world-building and not UF?!? It feels more like world-building is for the series… but even then, it doesn’t make so much sense given the nominations. Sigh.

    • Well, my best guess is that the world-building nomination is for the series as a whole, not the book? I am looking forward to COLD DAYS though!

      I’m planning on revisiting that post at some point and collating suggestions 🙂

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