(Late) Linkage

I came across some links which I thought I had posted previously, but obviously hadn’t – so slightly out-of-date but still interesting (to me, anyway!):


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6 responses to “(Late) Linkage

  1. I re-read the Tower and Hive ones recently. I liked the Damia ones better. The later ones were still okay. I’m still a fan of that series as well as her Dragon ones. Although her later books with her son did nothing for me.

    • Yes, I think I borrowed one of the co-written ones and couldn’t get through it. Good to hear the Damia books still work for you. I saw copies with the new(ish) covers in the bookstore the other day, and was tempted to get them!

  2. Interesting post about how the covers of the Iron Druid Chronicles were designed… I love the first three, they definitively caught my eyes!

  3. Oh boy! Kevin Hearne! I have the first two books in my TBR for this series and haven’t read them yet… so many books! :(

    • I know the feeling! If I had to pick either the Jim Butcher’s Dresden series or Hearne books, I’d go for the Dresden ones, if that helps (at least at this point).

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