Linkage Time

It’s been a while since I last posted some links, so here are some links, both old and new:


7 thoughts on “Linkage Time

  1. I kind of agree that the cover of Best Served Cold would fit Kate Daniels. Perhaps if they added some blood, it would fit a bit more the description by Martin. You know what though? I think they should have made the background clearer – the battle… Still a pretty cover though.

    Oh mini-bloggiesta. It’s this week-end? Don’t know if I’ll have time…

    Oh, hope you find someone to attend the Worldcon!

    • The WorldCon sounds cool, right? We’ll see.

      It is a pretty cover, even though it doesn’t scream epic fantasy, which was what I thought Joe Abercrombie wrote. I may go and check it out, which meant the cover served its purpose… 😉

  2. I love the cover to Best Served Cold, too! That’s how I picture Kate Daniels, too. Abercrombie’s books have caught my eye before.. I think the last one I spied at the library was HUGE, though, so I’m intimidated.

    Thanks for the heads up on mini-Bloggiesta. I had no idea.. I probably won’t have time to play along. Too bad, too, because I could use the motivation to do some work on my blog. Are you doing it?

    • Yes, they are rather thick books, aren’t they! I think his previous covers had a sword dripping with blood or something, IIRC, so quite a change.

      I haven’t decided yet – I hoping to carve out some time Sat or Sun afternoon, which may work out! I’m like you – I need to do various err… bloggy-type things.

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