Mini-Linkage + Surprise Encounter

There are lots of adverts on the Underground, which I tend to ignore (head buried in my newspaper/e-reader/random reading material) – imagine my surprise when I looked up and saw this:



I’m obviously talking about the huge CODE NAME VERITY poster on the right, though it’s nice to see other books getting some love – here’s another pic (apologies for my lack of camera phone skills – click for larger versions).  I didn’t recognise the new paperback cover at first, but I quite like it – shouts historical fiction, doesn’t it?  Also note the last quote is from Ana @ Things Mean a Lot‘s review of CODE NAME VERITY – very cool.

FYI the Kindle version of CNV is £1.09 on Amazon UK right now if you’re interested – and the companion book ROSE UNDER FIRE has just been released (in the UK).


Sarah Rees Brennan posts Part 1 of a free short story “The Turn of the Story” (I think, not entirely sure as to the title – it’s a belated Christmas present!) – I cannot wait for Part 2.  You know any story that starts with the following sentence has to be good:

So far magic school was total rubbish.

And it is.  It’s all kinds of SRB goodness, alternating between subversive humour and laugh-out-loud funny.


17203923Angie posted her review of Allison Parr‘s NA debut RUSH ME and explains exactly why it’s a good one (apart from the fact there is much swoon).  I’m slightly relieved as I did recommend the book strongly – yes, I do the “hate the book, not the recommender” mantra (the book-ish version of “don’t shoot the messenger”?), but let’s face it, it’s so much BETTER when other people get exactly why the book worked for you too.


I found Judith Tarr‘s Escaping Stockholm post @ CE Murphy‘s website interesting, although it’s primarily aimed at writers – she talks about the changes in the publishing industry since the early 80s based on her personal experience.  It’s fascinating how much the agent/publisher/author dynamic has changed over the past few decades – and will probably continue to evolve rapidly over the next few years.

8 thoughts on “Mini-Linkage + Surprise Encounter

    • You’re very welcome – I love when blogging and RL collides! The pic is from the northbound Central Line platform at Bank if you’re wondering, though I’m sure there are other posters around the Tube network. PS Feel free to nick the (not great) pics if you want.

  1. Great to see Code Name Verity getting the full-on ad treatment on the Underground! I’ll look out for posters. I’ve already bought the book for two people since reading it a few months ago.

    • This new cover matches the ROSE UNDER FIRE UK cover as well – I’ve both of them in ebook, but I’m very tempted to pick up matching paper copies!

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