Link Round Up

A list of links I’ve been meaning to post for a while:

  • Bookmarking this for whenever I’m in the need for more space opera goodness – though note the caveat that these aren’t necessarily positive recommendations.  From this, I can recommend the Sharon Lee & Steve Miller Liaden books, Catherine Asaro‘s Skolian series, Lois McMaster Bujold (that goes without saying, surely), and obviously Debra Doyle & James A Macdonald‘s books.  I’ve enjoyed James SA Corey‘s books, but they aren’t on my list of all-time favourites yet – possibly too much on the horror side for me – but then again, I’ve only read two so far.  It’s been a while since I’ve read the Margaret Weis books but I’ve a feeling they would hold up to the test of time (and yes, I really want to do a re-read).  I’ve never tried Elizabeth Bear‘s novels before, but she’s very much on my to-read list.
  • Book View Cafe (or BVC) is an authors’ co-operative – there’s an interesting post @ Publishing Perspectives about how they organise themselves and also how their co-op model has evolved over the past few years (via Sherwood Smith).  I buy from BVC occasionally and have no issues with the quality of their books.  If they have a weakness (apart from covers that umm… could be improved?), it’s promo – it’s not always easy to find out about their new releases.
  • Smart Bitches Trashy Books did an informative post about the Overdrive app – this allows you to borrow ebooks from your local library.  I only discovered this a few months back, and it’s opened up a whole new world of ebooks for me.  Highly recommend, if you’ve got a tablet is supported (I use my Kindle Fire).
  • You know my feelings about exclusive editionshere’s a librarian’s take on it.
  • Did you know there was a Carina UK? I didn’t – it’s Harlequin UK’s digital-first (only?) publishing arm.  I’m wondering how this fits in with HQN’s other digital-first imprints.  They seem to have a wider range of genres than the M&B line – it’s on my list to check out at some point.
  • Teresa Medeiros was an auto-buy for me way back when – light yet charming historical romance.  I’ve fallen out of the habit of reading her, but I’m kind of tempted to get her e-backlist now.

13 thoughts on “Link Round Up

  1. Sherwood just released a new book which intersects with Posse of Princesses there ^^. Also, Elizabeth Bear sf is pretty good, especially her earlier stuff I thought. I got into her with her very first trilogy, gripping stuff with an older heroine. It starts with Hammered, I think.

    With my LJ friends page I simply adopt the BVC feed and then I get notified of all the blog is doing. Admitteldy LJ updates late, so a real feed reader might make more sense.

    • This is exactly what I mean about missing new releases! I spotted her short story collection WHISPERED MAGICS, but saw nothing about another new release…

      I think that Elizabeth Bear trilogy is the one I’ve been meaning to try. Good to know it worked for you!

      • From what she wrote on her own LJ this was a very short development in the wake of having to deal with her emotions with regard to the death of her younger brother this year – so she says she wrote her own kind of favourite comfort read escape and it intersected with A Posse of Princesses – it’s called Lhind the Thief (Lhind being female).

      • Quoted from her LJ:
        “Lhind the Thief is sheer wish-fulfillment, written in spurts over the past bunch of years, whenever my life crashed and burned.

        I finished it this year while getting past the death of my little brother. I never sent it to a major publisher: it falls between marketing categories, as it’s too PG for adult or the new YA, and it contains none of the story elements they seem to be looking for, like angsty-Instalove, grimdark, and important cultural or political themes. Instead, I kitchen-sinked it with all my old comfort-read faves: disguises, flying, swashbuckling on land and sea, tree-houses, secrets, telepathy, magical powers and spells, food, good-looking villains as well as heroes, and even some romance. It’s pretty much aimed at the same audience who read A Posse of Princesses, which it overlaps”

        So I expect some PoP references or settings or people somewhere?!?

      • I’ve finished this now – am still stumped with the PoP intersection, but then again, I admit I can’t recall every single character. But fun YA – I think it hits the same spot as AKH’s HUNTING.

  2. I first read this post last night and then spent the rest of the evening reading the links and following other links and feel like I got lost in a rabbit hole!

    I like having some of the space opera authors in one place so I remember them. When I checked out Book View Cafe (which I hadn’t done before) I saw that Sherwood Smith has co-authored a couple of books with Dave Trowbridge that I think were called space opera. (I can’t find that comment now!!) Have you read those?

    I’ve been meaning to try Elizabeth Bear for a long time and think I may own a couple of her books, but still haven’t read them. 😦

    • I do that link-hopping thing all the time too 😀

      I’ve been meaning to read the Sherwood Smith/Dave Trowbridge books for ages – yes, I’ve heard them described as space opera as well. Not sure why I haven’t yet actually, come to think of it – I read pretty much all her fantasy writing!

      You’re a step ahead of me on Elizabeth Bear then 😉

    • I’ve read the first Exordium book so far and it’s a huge ride in the vein of Star Wars – so many things happen and while there is a main protagonist you can clearly see that this originally was written as a tv series, the scenes of action and intrigue are EPIC! Here’s a link to one of my few spoiler-free reviews ever written, heh.

      And Linkdump posts from trusted bloggers often make me lose hours, too – you are not alone ^^.

      • Oh, very cool – I’ve a soft spot for Star Wars-like stories. This line from your review made me laugh! After the first 150 pages, this was a one-sitting read and I didn’t see the end coming at all, I just suddenly ran out of pages O.O

        I definitely have to check it out now.

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