Clearing Out My Links File

13515074Tanya Huff‘s THE SILVERED was one of my favourites of 2012.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that she’ll be inspired to revisit that world (because well, so many possible stories!), but in the meanwhile, there’s a tantalising first line snippet from the next Gale Girls book plus more in this interview @ Toasted Cheese.

And Jan just reviewed the first Gale Girls book, THE ENCHANTMENT EMPORIUM, and reminded me of how much I enjoyed that one.


16033642I’ve posted a couple of recent links about anthology editing – well, here’s another one.  Deborah J Ross talks about that very topic @ Book View Cafe.

Which reminds me – I’ve been meaning to check out her recent DAW release THE SEVEN-PETALED SHIELD, partly because I’m shallow and love the title, but also because Sherwood Smith’s review piqued my curiosity (could do without the cliffhanger ending, though).  Has anyone read it?


12594400It’s no secret I’m a massive Andrea K Höst fangirl (or if it is, I’ve obviously not mentioned her enough in the past few months).  She did an interesting post about her sales to date, breaking down the numbers by book and year.

I’ll be hard-pressed to name my favourite Höst – possibly MEDAIR?  Though the Touchstone books are obviously up there, and CHAMPION OF THE ROSE had the most intriguing anti-hero.

Ha – I’ve just noticed I glommed her backlist in the first quarter of last year, so I should be posting about them on my blog ummm… shortly.


Do you do Kickstarter?  I’ve backed a handful of projects, all for SFF ebooks (or rather, I’ve backed them at the ebook reward levels) because I figure I’d buy the ebook anyway.  I’ve not been tempted by non-writing projects, but the other challenge is actually identifying projects I want to back – there are so many out there.

Here’s an interesting interview @ SF Signal with the author Bradley P Beaulieu about his experience running Kickstarters for his novels.


Sharon Lee posts about what’s next on the writing schedule for Sharon Lee & Steve Miller writing team.  I’m actually looking most forward to CAROUSEL SUN – I’ve always been a fan of her books.  But it’s good to know the plans for the Liaden series.


4 thoughts on “Clearing Out My Links File

  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Li. I did enjoy The Enchantment Emporium a lot. The interview with Tanya Huff was interesting, too. I like that there will be another Valor book. I haven’t read Silvered yet, but it’s on my buy-list. I’m hoping the price will come down a little!

    I’ve never participated in a kickstarter project. I didn’t realize authors use it.

    Carousel Sun is a book I’m excited about, too. I really liked the first one. I do love the Liad books, too.

    • I really loved THE SILVERED – I think the mass market paperback is due out soon-ish so fingers crossed for an ebook price drop for you!

      It seems to be more SFF authors that use Kickstarter – this is the most recent I backed (finished now), I’ll have to try and remember to post about the ones that catch my eye:

      Good to have another CAROUSEL fan 😉

      • Yes, I’ve bought The Silvered! It did have a price drop. I’m anxious to read it, but don’t want to start too soon since I won’t have another to look forward to…kind of silly, right?!!

        I’ll have to check out Kickstarter.

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