Recent (Re)Reads

I realise my blog posts tend to either focus on either upcoming releases or what I read ages ago.  There is some method to my madness – the former helps me track what books I want to buy (or have bought!), and the latter is a way of me getting my Goodreads notes onto my blog (and I figure that there’s not much overlap between my GR friends and blog readers, so well).

Anyway – just to shake things up a bit, here’s what I’ve been reading (or re-reading) recently:

367333Martha WellsThe Fall of Ile-Rien books – I’ve been meaning to read this fantasy trilogy for ages (prompted by Estara‘s recs – or at least, I associate my interest in Martha Wells’ writing with Estara!), and finally got around to them a while back.  I pretty much finished all three in a couple of days – that was how much I was caught up in the story.  Strong worldbuilding + engaging characters + subtle romance = my kind of fantasy, basically.  I think it helped that I had read DEATH OF THE NECROMANCER some time back as it gave me a bit more investment in the characters (same world, but about a generation earlier). I still have one more Ile-Rien book to read (THE ELEMENT OF FIRE) – this is set much earlier than the Fall of Ile-Rien trilogy, I think, so I’m taking a bit of a break before reading that.

18141373I used to be a massive re-reader (as evidenced by the well-loved books on my bookshelves – and yes, well-loved is a euphemism), but not so much in recent years – I blame that on the fact there are SO MANY new-to-me books out there to read.  But I re-read Allison Parr‘s RUSH ME recently (prompted by finishing her new release RUNNING BACK).  I liked RUSH ME the first time around – I liked it even better on the re-read and bumped up my GR rating to 5 stars.  It’s the escapism elements offset by the grounded feel of Rachael/Ryan’s relationship (contradictory, much?) which really works for me. I liked RUNNING BACK as well, but not as much – thought there was great chemistry between Natalie & Mike, and believed in their romance, but the ending felt a bit overdone and I didn’t care for the epilogue. Plus some poor copy-editing annoyed me (enough that I actually jotted down “missing ponytail?!!” – and I rarely do that!).  Allison Parr is firmly on my autobuy list, though – she makes the New Adult genre work for me, and I’m really looking forward to her third book in this series (due out next year, IIRC).

6084532I’m currently re-reading Josh Lanyon‘s Adrien English mysteries – I don’t think I’ve read these since the last book came out in 2009, and so it’s really feeling new to me again. The AE books were the ones that made Josh Lanyon’s works autobuys for me, and this re-read is reminding me of exactly why that was the case.  I have to say that the mystery plots are stronger than I had remembered (I was possibly distracted by that romance arc) and I had forgotten how messed up both Jake and (to a lesser extent) Adrien were, especially in the earlier books.  But I’m just as caught up in the ups-and-downs of Adrien/Jake’s relationship as I was when I first read these books, and can safely say that Lanyon’s writing still stands out in the crowded M/M romance marketplace nowadays.

Next on my list to re-read is Andrea K Höst‘s MEDAIR, I think, or possibly her CHAMPION OF THE ROSE in advance of BONES OF THE FAIR (which has a Nov 30 release date on Goodreads!).

So – mostly older books here and re-reads.  I’m quite liking this re-reading phase of mine (though part of me is screaming “what about those new releases?!”) – do you re-read much?


3 thoughts on “Recent (Re)Reads

  1. I take all the credit I can get – whether it’s true or not ^^. With this particular trilogy, I am probably not the main reason, because I haven’t finished reading it myelf *cough* – but I’ve been bookpushing her other books, so…
    Currently… should I say currently when it started last year, hmm? … I’m in severe need of comfort reads, so I’m mostly rereading myself.
    I don’t mind at all, I’m a dive-in first-time reader which means a lot of the finely laid out detail escapes me – rereads are often like reading a much more multi-layered book to me.

    • LOL – I definitely recall you recommending DEATH OF THE NECROMANCER, and it hit the right notes for me fantasy-wise, so continuing to explore her backlist was the obvious next step!

      Boo to the fact you’re still in need of comfort reads – hope everything is okay? There is definitely something to be said about re-reading your favourites – it is very easy to sink back into a world that you know will work for you. And I’m similar in the sense I can just race through a good story, so I also do pick out more detail on the re-read.

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