New Year, New Links

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8 thoughts on “New Year, New Links

  1. When I first read the Blair Mallory books, I loved them. Even the last time that I read them, I liked them but that was still years and years ago…I have no idea if I’d love them now. I’m curious…you should definitely buy them and re-read them. I’m curious to see if you’d enjoy them as much now.

    I want to read the Julie Cross books and now I’m on my way over to that article to read what she thinks the classification of NA/YA is. Thanks for the heads up!

    • The article was really interesting, even though a lot of the gymnastics terminology just flew over my head. I hope you get to read the Julie Cross books soon, they really worked for me!

      Am glad that I’m not the only one who loved Blair! I’ve added the Linda Howards to my price watch list now. Which also acts as my to-buy list in weak moments 😉

  2. LOL, so Ms Cross considers Letters to Nowhere in-between YA and NA. Ah well 🙂 Thanks for the link!

    Oh, going to check out Seanan McGuire short stories!

    • I thought that might amuse you! I did like what she said about her view on YA v. NA:

      … Young Adult (YA) is about many of those things, but often with authority lurking in the background or the “I still technically have to be labeled a kid but someone is expecting adult behavior from me” mindset. In YA, responsibility is always a weight for the character to shoulder and in NA, responsibility is the everyday norm (even when characters choose not to accept it, it’s expected).

  3. Li, you have lots of great links for me to explore! The Blair Mallory books were great. I might have to buy the e-books, too! I haven’t read Seanan McGuire’s InCriptid series, but I may have to start that series…

    • Another Blair fan! I seem to recall those books dividing opinion somewhat, but I really enjoyed them.

      I admit to preferring Seanan McGuire’s Toby Daye books to the InCryptid books, but her world-building there is as thorough as ever – plus you get to read about Aeslin mice, which is an excellent reason for reading them all by itself *tries to be mysterious* 😉

  4. Li, I only read the first Mallory book last year! I really enjoyed it too.

    I’m looking forward to Half-Off Ragnarok and Alex’s narrative. Let’s see how that works. And, I’m really interested in and curious about McGuire’s Sparrow Hill Road. But since I kind of became addicted to Toby, I’m really waiting to see what trouble she gets into in the next book. It’s all your fault. *g*

    • Good to know the Mallory books have stood the test of time – the older Linda Howards are good!

      I’m always glad to share the Toby love 😉 I’ve not been that attached to Verity in the Incryptid books, so am quite looking forward to a change in narrator. And Sparrow Hill Road sounds suitably creepy!

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