A Post to Keep Me Honest

Also known as a list of books in my TBR pile that I really need to read over 2014, as opposed to just saying I’m going to read them 😉

Pulling this list together has highlighted a bit of a pattern – they’re mostly hefty tomes (or at least I imagine them to be!) and/or the start of a series, and the (possibly imaginary) time commitment is putting me off a bit.  I’ve read Elizabeth Wein, Martha Wells, and Juliet Marillier (obviously!) before, but these are new series and… I’m a bit daunted.

In no particular order:

17333324Ann Leckie‘s ANCILLARY JUSTICE (SF): I mentioned this in my year-end wrap up posts, but I have not read a single negative review of Ann Leckie’s debut SF novel.  That’s pretty amazing in itself.

Elizabeth Wein‘s THE WINTER PRINCE (historical fantasy): Chachic’s EWein Special Ops week back in December convinced me I had to make time for Elizabeth Wein’s Lion Hunters series, and so it’s the most recently-acquired on this list…

127455Scott Lynch‘s THE LIES OF LOCKE LAMORA (fantasy): Everything about this series sounds great – except possibly for the fact it isn’t finished yet?  The third book in the Gentleman Bastard series came out last year, and reminded me that I’ve the first book still to read.

Patrick Rothfuss‘s THE NAME OF THE WIND (fantasy): There are a lot of diehard Rothfuss fans out there, and I picked up this book when the Kindle version was on offer last year.

112077Dorothy Dunnett‘s THE GAME OF KINGS (fantasy historical fiction – thanks Nathan!): Hang out in romancelandia long enough, and you’ll see references to Dunnett’s Lymond Chronicles, usually accompanied with the “must read if you’re in the mood for twisty complicated protagonists” kind of recs.  My excuse has been they were difficult to buy – not any more as they’ve been released in digital format, and the first one is on my Kindle…

Elizabeth Bear‘s DUST (SF): Another book I’ve had for ages, plus I’ve been meaning to explore Bear’s backlist in more depth.

Martha WellsRaksura trilogy (fantasy): I’ve pretty much devoured her older backlist books – don’t ask me why I’ve not yet cracked open her newer trilogy.

13122293Emma Bull‘s WAR FOR THE OAKS (urban fantasy): I’ve heard this described as the first-ever urban fantasy.  So it’s obviously on the must-read list, right?  Even if it’s just so I can say I’ve read it.  Just joking.

Susanna Kearsley’s THE SHADOWY HORSES (romance): Every time someone posts a glowing (and yes, it’s always glowing) Susanna Kearsley review, I eye that Kearsley lurking on my bookshelves and swear I’m going to read it.  I haven’t yet.

Juliet Marillier‘s THE DARK MIRROR (fantasy): I usually haunt the bookstore for Juliet Marillier’s new releases – there’s no reason why I haven’t started her older Bridei Chronicles… except I haven’t.

So that’s mine – do you have similar books lurking in your TBR pile?  Or tell me something to convince me to pick up one of these!

19 thoughts on “A Post to Keep Me Honest

  1. I think I’ve mentioned The War for the Oaks before. One of my favorite books (read years ago and not re-read, but loved it when I read it). I think I read some of the Dorothy Dunnett books years and years ago, too, but don’t remember too much about them.

    I also have many of the authors or books on this list (and haven’t read them either). I joined a couple of TBR challenges this year and am hoping to read some of these plus more! I need to make my own list–just winging it so far!

    • Yes, your comment on WAR FOR THE OAKS reminded me to add it to my list 🙂

      I am abysmal at TBR challenges – they somehow make me feel too pressured and then I fail to post anything, but I thought a tiny list on my blog wasn’t quite the same… I look forward to seeing your list of books if you do post it!

      • I haven’t made an official list yet though I’ve segregated some books on my Kindle for my TBR challenges. Off the top of my head (probably not a good place to be!)…The Lies of Locke Lamora, a Susanna Kearsley and a Juliet Marillier are on my list! I plan to make a list eventually when I get caught up with my reviews…:-)

  2. Strong list. At first I was going to say Lymond shouldn’t be fantasy but historical fiction. But the more I think about it it fits the same narrative style as authors like KJ Parker or even sci-fi author Timothy Zahn; that of a intelligent rascal one step ahead of others. Bull was good, though I preferred her later release ‘Territory.’ And this year I MUST read Bear, I have heard nothing but good things.

    • Oh, good point about Lymond – you’re probably right, I’ll edit my post later. I love that description of the Dunnett stories.

      I’ve read short stories by Bear before, IIRC, but no full-length novels – like you, it’s only been good things!

  3. Well, you know my feelings on the Bridei Chronicles. The Dark Mirror is the intro in many ways and it was the last third that really ensnared me. Both books after it are riveting from start to finish.

  4. Bridei is one of my favorite Marillier series, but I’m with Angie, the 3rd was the best. Locke Lamora was one of the best of 2012. Can you maybe read it in audio, read by Michael Page? Worth it.

    Regarding Dunnett, she’s the best. My favorite author, but I’m still afraid to recommend her. She writes books that are incredibly challenging, but that also will change you reading life. The first two of the Lymond chronicles are possibly some of the most difficult to get through (don’t get me wring, they’re still amazing), but they’re worth it for what comes next.

    • Now that is an intriguing description of Dunnett. I think I know what you mean about loving an author but being afraid to recommend her/him at the same time…

      And it sounds as though there is proper payoff in the Bridei Chronicles trilogy – I love those sort of stories, thanks!

  5. So this is like your challenge to yourself? 🙂 I have not read any of those books and the only one I have on my maybe is the Susanna Kearsley. Surprised you haven’t read that one yet, Li.

    I’m thinking about the Patrick Rothfuss as well.

    • LOL – my unofficial challenge. Kind of. Maybe more of a reference list 😉

      I’ve never ever read a Susanna Kearsley, not just that one… I picked up that particular book on an impulse buy some years ago IIRC. So many bloggers I follow rave about her books, so I’m not quite sure why I’ve resisted!

  6. I will be curious to see what you think of the Wein trilogy. I hated the first book and it was a DNF for me. I loved Code Name, Verity, though, so it might be different if I tried a reread. The Name of the Wind is good on audio, just FYI. I read it first and then reread it last year on audio. I am TRYING to get to book 2, but I am so bad with chunksters. A lot of these books I need to read myself.

    • Oh – interesting that you had different takes on two Wein books. Yes, CNV was good. From what I understand, the Lion Hunters series is a trilogy + 2 books – or something like! Different protagonists, anyway. Umm… I think.

      I haven’t quite got to grips with audio books – maybe it’s time to explore that this year as well…

  7. I’ve been meaning to get here for a few days!

    I just read Ancillary Justice by Leckie in January and can’t believe I waited so long to get to it. Read it. It really is worth it. 🙂 And I think you already know how I feel about Dust by Elizabeth Bear. I still have the last book of the Jacob’s Ladder trilogy (Grill) in my TBR and need to get to it!

    War of the Oaks. I began reading that book two years ago? But, I was not in the mood at the time and after reading about 5 chapters, decided to leave it for another time. It’s still in my TBR. I also have The Dark Mirror by Marrillier in my TBR! Where does the time go? I need to read these books!

    RE: Susanna Kearsley. I’ve loved the books I’ve read by her so far — Marianna and The Winter Sea. Her stories are beautiful and her historical research/touches are fantastic. I haven’t read The Shadowy Horses yet. Maybe I will join you this year. 🙂

    • Hey Hils – I feel much better knowing I’m not the only one with all these books in the TBR! So many books…

      I bookmarked your Leckie review when it popped up in my feed reader (and thought not another one 😉 ), but skimmed through to avoid any spoilers. I actually think you were the one to bring DUST to my attention, IIRC. And Susanna Kearsley’s books really sound right up my alley.

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