Weekend Linkage

Random collection of links, with a bonus digression into what I’m not liking about NA at the moment…

16056408While we’re talking NA, I’ve noticed the genre doesn’t appeal to me as much as it once did – and what’s starting to pall for me is the number of characters with a traumatic past (hidden or otherwise).  Thinking back to when NA first burst onto the scene (and I admit I was late onto the bandwagon so am open to corrections!), the breakout authors had protagonists who had some sort of distressing event in their past, and that was the springboard for the primary conflict in their stories.  And as it obviously worked for them, more and more authors used the same formula, and now it feels to me as though this device has begun to define the genre?  It’s almost like it’s not an NA unless something dreadful has happened to the main character.  To me, however, when something becomes so endemic in a genre, it loses its impact – it’s probably no coincidence that the NAs that have worked best for me is where the protagonist is “just” an ordinary person.

8 thoughts on “Weekend Linkage

  1. I’m going to go and read links, but then sometimes I don’t find my way back here (I feel like I go down a rabbit hole sometimes). Anyway, I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your posts with links because you find so many interesting articles and ideas. Thanks, Li!

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