Random (and Late?) Linkage

20821263I poke my head in at the Muddy Colors fantasy art blog every now and again – I especially like it when the contributors give a behind-the-scenes peek into cover art decisions (probably because I’ve zero artistic talent, and it’s so interesting to see what influenced the final versions):

And on the subject of covers in progress, here’s one that Jody Lee did for the new Mercedes Lackey Valdemar novel – in my mind, her art will always be inextricably linked to my countless re-reads of the Valdemar books during my teenage years.


A really late link, but I thought Jeannie Lin‘s post about writing Chinese historical romance and her (forced) transition to digital-only (she also links to a couple of interesting posts) was a good one – and I’m glad it ends on a happy note with her latest release making the USA Today bestseller list!  I’ve bought her books based on positive reviews, but I admit they’re languishing on that TBR pile – has anyone read them?

Another feel-good story: I loved Amy Jo Cousins‘ story about Tad Williams.


Another late link (you can tell exactly how long I’ve not been blogging, right?) – Jo Walton posts @ tor.com about how e-readers have changed her reading habits.  I liked this article (plus comments) because of its positivity around digital reading, if that makes sense.

On a almost-related note, I’m impatiently waiting for the new Kindle Paperwhite software update to reach my device, purely because of the new Page Flip capability.  When I switched over to reading mostly digital, I realised that I flipped back and forth between pages a lot when reading paper books.  It’s not something I realised I did, and I had to train myself NOT to do that on my ereader, because I just ended up losing my place in the book.

I’m wondering if the Page Flip function makes that easy (and also if it’s something I still do!) – anyone have the latest PW or software release?  I may cave and sideload the software update if it’s not pushed out soon…


12 thoughts on “Random (and Late?) Linkage

  1. I always enjoy your links posts, Li. You find links I’ve never seen.

    Great Jeannie Lin post. I didn’t realize her latest book is available in digital only…I only buy digital! I have her latest two books, I think, but I haven’t read them yet. I did read Butterfly Swords by Ms. Lin in 2010 and thought it was great (gave it a B+).

    • I obviously spend too much time on the internet 😉

      I think BUTTERFLY SWORDS is the one I have – must go check! I thought all her posts on the subject were really well thought-out.

  2. I don’t have the PW update yet. I’m waiting for it too!
    I also page back when I’m reading, but I use the bookmark (just touch the upper right hand corner) to keep my place first so I don’t lose my place. But, I can’t wait to get that feature and, like you, hope it makes paging easier.

    • I’ve never used the bookmarks! I’ll give it a go – thanks for the tip. It was easier when I had my old Sony Reader, which had the skip 10 pages feature – gosh, that was ancient…

  3. Hey Li! Popping my head in to see how you’re doing! 🙂

    I like the cover for Shifting Shadows. It’s different, but still recognizable as Dan Santos work and therefore, cover to a Patricia Briggs book 😉

    I haven’t read Ms Lin yet, because I’ve having a block ^_^; I used to read Chinese-setting in Vietnamese and since those are two Asian languages, the translation is easy. But Chinese stuff to English, especially historical! There are just so many words that don’t exist or can’t convey the whole sense… and yeah 😦

    I’m thinking of getting a new ereader, but I’m going to stick with Kobo or a device that takes epub.

    • Hey Nath – I’ve never had a Kobo, though I’ve played with one in-store. It’s the Paperwhite screen quality that swings it for me.

      I’m kind of jealous of the US Dan dos Santos covers, but I buy the UK editions because they’re cheaper! My earlier Mercy books (before the move to hardcover) are the US editions though – it’s a good thing I don’t care about matched sets…

      And that is such an interesting take on the Lin books. I think it would be the names that would be the hardest shift for me if they didn’t sound like Chinese names, if that makes sense. But that would be the only possible deal-breaker when it comes to Chinese-set historicals – I don’t read Chinese so the language thing probably wouldn’t cross my radar 😉

    • Interesting – I had a look and was thinking Mandarin for her latest books (if I got the order right), but her earlier ones appear a bit more Cantonese. I’m in no way an expert though!!

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