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œF$¿Æ‘$8Òò¤»däå¸R8BII can admit when I’m wrong and this is one of those times.

Some time back, Rachel Bach‘s new SF trilogy started making the rounds with some rather positive buzz.  Me… well, I kind of sniffed and said I read her debut fantasy novel (as Rachel Aaron) and wasn’t massively impressed.

But Nathan, and Jan, and Hils kept on talking up this series, and when I spotted the first book in my library, I caved and picked FORTUNE’S PAWN off the shelf.  And this is really me surfacing briefly from the third book to say that umm… everyone else was right, and this is a brilliant fast-paced space opera (with a fairly solid romance subplot – that can make or break the deal for me) and a protagonist that just grabbed me from the first chapter.  Lots of fun and if you’re in the mood for a SF, this would fit the bill quite nicely.

There is a silver lining to every cloud – the whole trilogy is now out, so I’ve been able to dive straight into the next book as soon as I’ve finished one.  I love my Kindle.


Elsewhere, Meljean Brook‘s serial, THE KRAKEN KING, is being released – I’m determinedly avoiding all the (positive) reviews as I’m holding out for the full novel.  Mainly because I don’t think I’m a serial girl at heart (I rambled on a bit about my experience with reading John Scalzi‘s THE HUMAN DIVISION serial a while back), but I’ve been liking her various posts, especially this one about what actually constitutes a cliffhanger.  There was some discussion about narrative turning points – I said I thought they were cliffhangers, which I detest (as you may be aware!).

So interestingly (to me) and coincidentally, the first of the Rachel Bach trilogy ended with one of those turning points – and that didn’t annoy me that much.  I’m thinking that it was because I had the second book bought and downloaded onto my Kindle, so I didn’t have to wait to find out the outcome, plus regardless of that event *trying to be vague here*, I’d want to know what happens next.

FWIW, I didn’t care for the twist, but then I don’t really care for that kind of twist in general *trying to be even vaguer*.


And two final links with less commentary:

I really liked this post by Liz de Jager @ on how she (and her agent) sold her debut novel (the book itself also sounds very interesting and I’m looking forward to its release).

Totally non-newsy, but I came across Kristin Cashore‘s cover gallery, with all her international covers – I’ve always loved the more commonly-seen US and UK covers, but enjoyed looking at the very different interpretations across the board.  Especially the Japanese cover for GRACELING (about one-fifth of the way down) and the German ones.


7 thoughts on “Recent Reading + Links

  1. Ha! I’m so glad you’re enjoying Deviana Morris (isn’t she a piece of work?) and her adventures in the Paradox series, Li! I hope you continue to enjoy this fun trilogy. None of the books were A reads for me, but as a whole this was a trilogy that I had fun reading from beginning to end, and I needed that! I think Bach did a great job with this one.

    RE: The Kraken King by Brook. I’m with you on this one. I’m waiting for the whole novel and avoiding reviews. Not because I’m not dying to read this book, but because, like you, I realized that I’m just not good following through with serials. I never finished Scalzi’s The Human Division either, or The Rifter by Ginn Hale.

    • Hey Hils! Yes, totally agree – I finished the 3rd book (late) last night, I pretty much raced through all three. I’m thinking the romance was not the strongest (I’ve some niggles, but then I’m picky when it comes to my romance!), but I was so invested in Devi winning through. I’d love to see more of Paradox and that planetary culture, I have to say.

      Re Meljean Brook’s serial, it’s getting harder and harder to sit on my hands – have seen some very positive noise about the latest installment!! Anyway, with Scalzi’s THD, the interesting thing is that I’m not a die-hard Scalzi fan and probably wouldn’t have bought the book in hardcover, but ended up paying the equivalent for the whole serial, IIRC. I did like having a new story download to my Kindle every Monday but as I said, it was more of an experiment for me than anything else.

      • Li, yeah… the romance needed stronger execution, that’s the truth. And, I think I mentioned it in my review, but the trilogy definitely needed more Paradox! I would also love to read a book set there, or at least one that uses it as a partial setting. I mean, a Sainted King? And what about the Terran/Paradoxian wars and the nobles vs. the peasants? I would love to see Devi causing havoc in her own planet, lol!

        RE: Scalzi’s THD. I really like Scalzi, but gave up purchasing the serialized version of the book after the sixth episode (?, maybe?) because I just forgot! So, I ended up buying the Kindle edition of the novel. My husband read it, but I still haven’t finished it. The same thing happened with the Ginn Hale serial, I have the whole series in my Kindle, but I gave up after the 4th episode, left it for later because I couldn’t stand the piece meal reading, and never went back to it. So, for the Kraken King I’m just going to wait for the book and read it all at once because I don’t want to loose interest half-way through. 😦

      • Yes, the Sainted King – loved that bit. I really liked how Devi was so streetwise (and self-absorbed and well, so many other things), except when it came to her king! That’s some strong indoctrination there…

        IIRC I pre-ordered all the Scalzi installments after the first one (which I got for free somehow from, obviously a promo tactic that worked), so didn’t forget about it, but I can see how that would be an issue!

  2. I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed the Paradox series, Li. I’m glad I read Nathan’s review of the second one which convinced me to keep reading! It was just a lot of fun. Devi is a very assertive character…LOL. And the Sainted King…I’d love to read more about Paradox.

    The Meljean Brook serial sounds good, but her books have been hit-and-miss for me. Also it just seems so expensive.

    • I’ve stalled early on in Meljean Brook’s Guardian series. I kind of think I should skip the book I got stuck on (the 2nd, IIRC!), and jump ahead to the next (which I actually have…) but haven’t yet done that. But I love her Iron Seas series – not sure what the difference is. Maybe it’s that her writing style has changed since her early books – in which case I should really give her Guardian books another go.

      Devi totally made the Paradox series for me, though I suspect she would be very tiring in real life 😉 I’m really glad I picked up the first book.

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