A This and That Kind of Post…

… reflecting my similarly unfocused state of mind – here are both links and recent reads.


I grew out of my “classics” phase ages ago, but this post by Sherwood Smith on her latest re-read of George Eliot‘s MIDDLEMARCH had me running to manybooks.net to download the PD version.  I’ve never read MIDDLEMARCH before, but I want to now.  Hopefully I’m not in for a disappointment – thoughts, anyone?

Requisite tor.com post that I liked: This one about cover art for Orbit books.  If I’m honest, I hadn’t really thought much about Orbit covers having a certain artistic style, but some of their covers have been striking.

And because I link to almost every Courtney Milan post – she talks about her enhanced digital editions ($0.99 each for a short while, I believe) and how she was able to release her own version of the books she published with Harlequin.  Really interesting (or at least, I thought so!).


Books I’ve read recently (I flirt with the idea of a weekly/monthly wrap-up, and then figure I’d never stick to a schedule):

A couple of new-to-me category authors (spoiler: I wasn’t wowed by either) – Joss Wood‘s MORE THAN JUST A FLING? and Jessica Gilmore‘s THE RETURN OF MRS JONES.  I picked up the Wood because it was on sale and Nath likes her writing, and the Gilmore because I read a review somewhere.  Unfortunately, I can’t remember where now, so shout if you’ve seen it reviewed fairly recently – it wasn’t an overly-glowing review, but I was in the mood for an exes reunited premise.

Plus and minus points for each (I know – call this a book blog…) – okay, I liked that both stories felt fresh (as opposed to how category romance can sometimes feel dated) and there was some sparkle, but pacing felt a bit slow in spots.  So while I’d probably read more by each author at some point, I’m not running out to get the rest of their backlists.

20878147KS Augustin‘s THE CHECK YOUR LUCK AGENCY (urban fantasy): I picked this up because of an interview Andrea K Höst did with KS Augustin a few weeks back – it piqued my interest in her writing and this book is (was?) free.  Slightly a bit too much info-dumping for me at the start, but that wasn’t a show-stopper.  I did like how the Malaysia/Singapore setting came to life and the book whiled away an hour or so on the train very nicely.  However, I felt the story read more like a series of episodes as opposed to a full novel, plus it ended very abruptly, which caught me by surprise.  Having looked up the series detail now, the “complete” version is a five-book omnibus – I’ll probably get that at some point.


Non-books related: I’m not sure how or when I stumbled onto this site, but I am hooked on Ask a Manager (have I mentioned it before?).  Alison Green just talks plain common sense when it comes to workplace dilemmas – well, the answers are almost always obvious when you read her responses, but they’re not at the same time.  And it’s always nice to see that mine is not the weirdest office out there.


4 thoughts on “A This and That Kind of Post…

  1. I’m going to look at your links! You always come up with some great info! I haven’t read Middlemarch so can’t help you, Li…lol.

  2. It’s interesting but I don’t usually buy books because of the covers, but I love, love beautiful SFF covers and I’ve picked up a few because of that, lol! (Don’t tell on me) Anyway, I love Orbit covers and SFF art. My latest crush is Julie Dillon whose art work I first “discovered” in Clarkswork SF Magazine and then saw everywhere!

    RE: Joss Wood. I read two books by her last year because of one of Nath’s reviews and really like her. Thanks for reminding me that I need to check out on her latest release!

    And, I remember reading KS Augustin’s first book, there’s a review in my blog somewhere, but I haven’t read SF Romance in a long, long time. I didn’t know she was writing UF these days.

    • Ha – I’m a sucker for covers myself. Julie Dillon’s name *is* everywhere. Kate Elliot had a post with the Dillon cover of her upcoming short story collection and it was so striking!

      I’ll have to give Joss Wood another go obviously. I *think* this KS Augustin UF is a one-off. I’ve one of her SFRs on my Kindle, but haven’t gotten around to reading it yet.

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