Some Really Good Books*

I… have been reading some really good books.  I don’t even feel guilty (okay, I do, vaguely) about not putting up my August new releases post because I’ve just Been Reading.  And now I’ve to gush talk about them, possibly slightly incoherently, but, well.

9221793First was a bit of a glom for new-to-me author Cinda Williams Chima.  I’ve heard good things about her writing, and have had the first book of her Seven Realms YA fantasy series on my Kindle for ages.  But I was never quite in the right mood for it – and still wasn’t really.  It was just that I had a three hour train journey and wanted some fantasy.  So I chose a book at random, and I’ll be honest – THE DEMON KING didn’t grab me from the start.  I thought the first chapters were inclined towards over-exposition and was concerned that this would be fantasy dumbed-down for the teen market.  The alternating POVs struck me as a rather tired narrative device, the characters felt a bit generic-fantasy archetype (the streetwise ex-thief turned good, the rebellious princess, etc etc…), and the dreaded love triangle threatened.

I know.  Thank goodness for that three-hour journey because I continued reading.

And somehow I got sucked in.  The characters grew up and became three-dimensional – I liked them, I rooted for them, and I wanted them to win through even though it felt impossible at times.  The stakes for Raisa, Han, Dancer, Amon, Cat, and well, so many others, became higher over the course of the series and I was totally invested in the outcome.  The romance (of course there was romance) was of the sort that came ever so slowly to the boil and was oh-so-satisfying.  I surfaced from the world of the Seven Realms a while later, having gulped down the entire quartet in around three days.  It’s the sort of series where midway through the final book, I almost didn’t want to finish it because that would have meant the story was over.

So if you’re in the mood for fantasy with a healthy mix of court intrigue, magic, and romance, you could do worse than to check out this series.  And I need to have a look at Cinda Williams Chima’s other series, obviously.

And that’s not all.

16068905I finally caved and bought Rainbow Rowell‘s FANGIRL after the numerous fangirl (sorry) squeeing reviews about her books (and also because of the current bargain-ish price of  £1.59 for the Kindle edition on Amazon UK).  Plus I needed to switch genres as I suspected any other fantasy would pale compared to the Seven Realms books at the moment.

All I’m going to say is that I only put down FANGIRL last night because it was 2am and I had a 9am meeting this morning.  So excuse me as I’ve to find out how Cath is doing…

*You may have noticed I’ve run out of inspiration when it comes to blog post titles.


10 thoughts on “Some Really Good Books*

    • Exactly.

      I’ve tried a Rowell before – ATTACHMENTS, I think – but never quite got into it. Maybe I need to stick to her YA, because FANGIRL *really* worked for me.

  1. So, I got the sample for The Demon King as a reminder to check it out and buy the book if I like it. 🙂 Thanks for the heads up. And, I think I may read Fangirl or Attachments instead of Rowell’s latest release, which I have in my wish list. I’ve debated too long before buying it which means NO.

    • I think I bought THE DEMON KING when it was on sale a while ago in the UK well actually. I’m obviously a sucker for sales. Me = impulse buyer.

      I borrowed ATTACHMENTS from the library, but couldn’t get into the story. It felt a bit dated, IIRC, and not in a good way.

  2. My library has the kindle edition of The Demon King so I’ve put it on hold. (I’m trying to get library books more often than buying). I haven’t heard of the author before. Always nice to find a new author!

    And you know I have Fangirl so I guess I need to read it.,,LOL

    • Ha – yes, I did like FANGIRL! It was just so satisfying!

      I try to do the library thing too, especially for new-to-me authors. Part of me hates waiting for a book to come in, but I’ve more than enough to read, really…

  3. I’ve had that book on my electronic tbr for AGES…. haven’t read it yet either *mea culpa*
    I did get around to read the The Goblin Emperor (it’s like the Foreigner series in one book, if Bren was the heir to the throne, all intrigue and empathy and clever manoeuvring and I liked it ^^) and a reread of Clockwork Heart in preparation for finally starting the second one, Clockwork Ties, which I started on the flight back to Germany. While I love my yogapad now more than ever what with all the signatures, I really missed having a keyboard!

    It was SO GREAT to meet you^^

    • Ditto! I’m really glad we managed to meet up.

      I loved the Seven Realms series, but I think it’s one of those series where the first book is the weakest. That’s an interesting comparison re FOREIGNER – I’ve not read it myself, but will have to keep it in mind! I also have CLOCKWORK HEART on that TBR of mine.

      I thought your tablet was really cool – I’ve never quite managed to justify one myself (apart from my Kindle Fire, but that doesn’t really count, right? 😉 ), but am really tempted now…

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