A Few Links for a Bank Holiday Weekend

And a very wet Bank Holiday at that!  Though it’s been a fairly productive weekend for me – I finally finished adding all my 2013 reads to Goodreads (yes, only eight months late – I think I just had a blogging slump during the middle of the year).

Some links I’ve been meaning to post for a while:

6 thoughts on “A Few Links for a Bank Holiday Weekend

  1. I thought Rachel Aaron did a great job with Nice Dragons Finish Last (and I love the cover). Courtney Milan always does a very professional job with her books, too. I agree that most authors are doing their self-pubbed books so much better than just a couple years ago.

    We didn’t have a bank holiday here, of course, but we’ve had thunderstorms almost every night/morning, It’s very wet!

    • I guess summer’s over!

      Courtney Milan definitely does a good job – I like how she keeps this cohesive series feel across all her covers. I’ve had a few ebooks from the traditional big-name publishers which have missing covers/TOCs etc – they’re playing catchup somewhat.

  2. Li, the money Aaron invested was well worth it. The cover in particular looks great and fits the book perfectly. After reading Milan’s post about fonts, you see how well that big font on Aaron’s cover brings the eye back to the image. I love the small poster in the background with the banned dragon — it’s great detail.

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