Weekend Links… and New Bookshelf Additions

Hunting-Monsters1-e1411728587221The Book Smugglers published their first short story: “Hunting Monsters” by SL Huang.  It’s a retelling of Red Riding Hood – I’m not usually into fairytale retellings, but this one was lovely.  And the cover is striking (I love the colours) and fits the story perfectly.  Excellent start to their publishing venture, IMO.

The story’s free on their website, but they’re also publishing an ebook version with a couple of extras.


Rachel Aaron (or Bach) posted a breakdown of her sales following her self-pubbed release of NICE DRAGONS FINISH LAST (which was a good one to try if you’re in the mood for a new urban fantasy).  Some really interesting number-crunching and observations about Amazon.


Does anyone read Joan Wolf?  I’ve fond memories of her Regencies – there’s an interview with her at Word Wenches, and she mentions a new Regency, THE AMERICAN EARL, which is already out (on Amazon, anyway).  I obviously bought it.


Speaking of books I’ve bought – when I posted my take on 2014 new releases to date, I had a couple of comments about the fact I’d read most of the books I’d actually bought.  Just to prove this isn’t the case, here are the books I’ve bought (or downloaded for free) over the past week or so.  I know.

  • Eileen WilksUNBINDING (UF): Well, it was on my October new releases post.  I’ve finished this – mixed feelings really, not one of my favourites in the series.
  • FIFTY FIRST TIMES, edited by Julie Cross (NA romance anthology): I don’t usually do romance short stories, you’ve read my thoughts on NA before… but it was only £0.99.
  • Harlan Coben‘s THE WOODS (suspense): It was free (a UK-only offer, I think – and still free at Amazon as of today). I usually borrow his books from the library, but hey, free.
  • Kelly Hunter‘s SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL (contemporary romance): This was meant to be released last month, but has just come out – $0.99 for the next week or so, if you’re interested.  I love her writing, so this was a no-brainer.
  • Carolyn Jewel‘s SCANDAL (historical romance): Courtesy of Dear Author’s Daily Deals posts – it’s free right now, and came recommended.
  • Christina Dodd, Emily March, and Nicole Burnham‘s FAMILY SECRETS (contemporary romance): Courtesy of the same DA deals post – not free, but three full-length novels for $0.99.  Yes, I do have a book-buying problem. I’ve enjoyed Christina Dodd’s books before, but the other two authors are new-to-me.
  • Joan Wolf‘s THE AMERICAN EARL (historical romance): See above…
  • Martha WellsSTORIES OF THE RAKSURA (fantasy): Oh. Did I mention I just glommed her Raksura fantasy trilogy, and LOVED it?  I’ve been meaning to read this trilogy forever.  Excellent world-building, and leaves you wanting to know everything and more about her characters.  Also, I obviously timed this really well, as this brand-new collection of two novellas (and two existing shorts) in the same world was just released.  She can write.
  • Rosie Claverton‘s CODE RUNNER (mystery): The first book, BINARY WITNESS, was mentioned by Sunita @ Dear Author last month – I liked a lot about it (ex-con Jason was not your everyday mystery protagonist, technology was front and centre, and Cardiff came to life), and jumped on the second book.

The conclusion? I’m a sucker for book deals and most of my impulse buys recs come from blog posts. Not surprising, really… tell me what triggers your book buying?

2 thoughts on “Weekend Links… and New Bookshelf Additions

  1. Well, you trigger a lot of my book buying, Li…LOL. I put one book on hold at the library and got three books from Amazon. I’m going to check out some of the other books, too! Thanks for bringing all these to my attention.

    • Ha – ditto 🙂 I actually bought Erin Lindsey’s THE BLOODBOUND today, because I saw it in the bookstore and remembered you featured it in your monthly releases post!

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