More of What I’ve Read Recently

I’ve managed to get through a fair few books recently, both good and not-so-good.

Good ones:

21840287ML Brennan‘s TAINTED BLOOD, the third book in her Generation V urban fantasy series – my Goodreads notes:

This series gets better and better. This one was centred around a mystery whodunnit (so obviously the mystery fan in me was satisfied), with some really intriguing family dynamics promising much for the next book. Plus more reveals about the wider supernatural community, and yes, more Suze.

It was one of those books that leaves you wanting the next book immediately.  One of the rare new-to-me UF series I started this year.

Kelley Armstrong‘s WILD JUSTICE, the final book in her Nadia Stafford trilogy – this came out earlier this year, but I put off buying it because I kept on remembering how the lack of personal pronouns in Jack’s speech (Jack being Nadia’s mentor – and possibly more) really got on my nerves in the previous book.  That hasn’t changed much – Jack still speaks in very short sentences and Armstrong makes a point of this being one of his characteristics. Digression alert: it bugs me when authors use physical shorthand to bring out a facet of someone’s personality and then emphasise this trait ad nauseam, e.g. X always speaks in very short sentences, Y always drops her h’s when stressed, Z always drinks coffee, etc. (Shall we play “guess the other two books…?”)

That aside, I thought WILD JUSTICE ended up being a strong suspense novel overall – there was a slightly over-convoluted plot, which had the benefit of keeping me guessing throughout, and it ended with an HEA that I’d thought would be impossible at the start of the trilogy.  The strongest of the three books, I thought, and a satisfying read.

23524655Comfort and Joy – I mentioned this holiday m/m romance anthology in my December releases post, and I ended up really enjoying all four stories.  So much so that I’d be hard-pressed to pick one… okay, it would probably be “Rest and Be Thankful” by Joanna Chambers – I fell for her take on the enemies-to-lovers trope and the small village setting.  But generally, lots of angst-ing and sky-high UST mixed with humour, and yes, romance in all the stories.  All four contributions are available as individual stories, but I honestly don’t see why you wouldn’t buy the anthology.

Books I didn’t particularly care for:

From a great holiday romance anthology to a so-so one – I also finished Baby, It’s Cold Outside, which I picked up on impulse.  The good part first – I really liked Kate Meader‘s contribution, “Rekindle the Flame” and have added her upcoming firefighters romance to my To Read shelf.  The other stories ranged between okay to DNFs – I ended up mostly skimming two and skipping the other two.  I’m on the fence as to anthologies – it does help me discover new-to-me authors, but if I end up not liking the majority of stories, it’s not the best use of my book-buying budget.  Though let’s face it, I’m never going to kick my anthology habit.

WINGER by Andrew Smith – a new-to-me author and another impulse buy (there is a reason why I should stay clear of bookstores).  So I was swayed by the number of awards this YA novel picked up, including a Top 10 YALSA Best Fiction for YA.  Really, I should have checked out the GR reviews. While I did have some problems with some of the views of the POV protagonist, I figured I’d never been a 14-year old boy myself, plus as the story progressed, there were signs of redemption.  So it was a fairly decent enough read until I hit the last couple of chapters.  And then there was a WTF twist (and not a good WTF, mind).  I’m probably in the minority here (considering the awards and Best Of lists), but I’d rather not have wasted an afternoon on this book.


5 thoughts on “More of What I’ve Read Recently

    • Yep, I love how we get more and more reveals about Fort’s world in each book! I think I read the first three in fairly quick succession… it’s going to be a long wait for the fourth.

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