2014: The Summary

So I’ve talked about my favourite books of 2014, but heaven forbid that’s the only 2014 wrap-up post I do.  Here are more on authors I read, plus reading stats.

New-to-me authors

I read books by 98 authors over 2014, of which 31 were new-to-me authors.  That’s around 30%, which is down from 2013 (41%), but still pretty good going.

Of these 30, the authors I’m glad to have discovered over 2014


  • Cinda Williams Chima: Goes without saying, really, as her Seven Realms quartet landed on my 2014 favourites list.  She’s written quite a few other books, so I need to check them out this year
  • Erika Johansen: Another debut author – THE QUEEN OF THE TEARLING suffered from over-hype, IMO, but it was a decent start to a trilogy.
  • ML Brennan: I’ve talked about her Generation V books before, right?  An excellent UF series which is getting better by the book – she’s on my autobuy list now.
  • Jody Lynn Nye: I didn’t read a whole lot of SF in 2014, but her Imperium books were a lot of space opera fun.


  • Rosie Claverton: I read her debut mystery novel BINARY WITNESS earlier this year, and the follow-up is in my TBR pile.  An agoraphobic hacker, an ex-con, and a wonderfully-delineated Cardiff setting – what’s not to like?


  • Susanna Kearsley: Another new-to-me author who wrote one of my 2014 favourites.  Also, I think I own her entire backlist now.
  • Jenny Han: I loved her quirky TO ALL THE BOYS I’VE LOVED BEFORE, and am impatiently waiting its sequel.
  • Kylie Scott: I devoured her Stage Dive series, and need the fourth book now.
  • Rainbow Rowell: I’ve come to the conclusion that not all her books work for me, but when they do, they REALLY do.
  • Sarina Bowen: I’ve really liked both her contemporary and NA romance books this year, and cannot wait for her 2015 releases.
  • Kate Sherwood: I read THE FALL after Rosario’s review, and promptly bought the sequel.

Authors most glommed in 2014

No major backlist explorations this year, but I did read six Martha Wells books (I’ve never yet read a Martha Wells I didn’t like, which means I need to finish reading her backlist this year).

I also read five books from Sarina Bowen (when I say I really liked her books, I mean I really did) and then four books each by KJ Charles, Susanna Kearsley, and Cinda Williams Chima (ditto, ditto, and ditto).

And the numbers…

Right, this is the seriously geeky section.

My reading numbers have been pretty consistent over the past few years – for 2014, it ended up being 155 books in total, with around 60% being 2014 new releases.

Here’s the breakdown over the past five years (note 2010 and 2011 numbers are skewed, as I had YA as a separate category under Other – from 2012 onwards, I just flagged books as YA within the respective genres):


Romance and fantasy continue to be my reading mainstays – I think with romance especially, I tend to use it as my go-to genre when I’m looking for something uncomplicated to read.  Not to say romance = undemanding, but I made an effort to clear out the category romances lurking in my e-TBR pile when travelling this year, and you always know what you’re getting with a backlist category from Carla Kelly, Joan Wolf, Jessica Hart etc.

I only read around 24 YA/NA books in 2014, which I suspect is lower than previous years – however, YAs made up half of my favourite reads of the year.  Quality v. quantity!

And finally, my 2014 by month:


As always, I’m (slowly) logging all my books read in Goodreads – I’m barely halfway through the year at the moment, but the full 2014 list will be here when I’m finished.


9 thoughts on “2014: The Summary

    • I love discovering new-to-me authors! BINARY WITNESS was unusual enough to stand-out in the sea of detective-style mysteries – I really liked both the protaganists, plus the sense of place I got from the Cardiff setting.

  1. I really enjoy this post of yours, Li!! Always an interesting read LOL.

    It’s really getting hard to find authors with long backlist, eh? There used to be plenty, but not anymore.

    It’s interesting to see your number of romance books so up! I guess it’s due to the number of NA nowadays right? Because it sure can’t be historicals!

    • I was thinking about that backlist thing, and I think my reading habits have changed a bit too. For instance, Cinda Williams Chima does have a pretty large backlist, but I just haven’t gotten around to reading her non-Seven Realms books…

      LOL @ your romance comment – I had to go have a look and actually, it wasn’t NA. More contemporaries and category romance, though nothing really stood out in category for me. Also, I was reading my way through my stockpiled Joan Wolfs and Carla Kellys, so that bumped up my numbers a bit.

  2. I love reading your year end posts, Li. The stats and charts are great. And I think it’s so interesting to see the types of books we read through the years and how it sometimes starts changing. I’m going to try to start going back to past years’ lists and add those books to my Goodreads shelves.

    • Ah, I just like charts 😉

      I love seeing what my GR friends think of older books, so hope you find the time to do that! I started doing that for my pre-GR days, but stalled out halfway – maybe I’ll pick that up again this year too.

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