Links of the Spoilerific Kind

The book blogosphere is doing its best to keep life interesting, huh? I thought I’d seen it all with plagarism, piracy, and other scandal-of-the-week-type events, but obviously not.

However, not all unexpected events are unpleasant ones – there still are surprises of the pleasant book kind!  Specifically in this case, the new Vorkosigan book from Lois McMaster Bujold as well as the upcoming third book in CS Pacat‘s CAPTIVE PRINCE trilogy.

2jebdwjLinks for the latter first:

As for the LMB Vorkosigan book – well, the non-spoilery bit first:

I was practically bouncing in glee when I read LMB’s post about the new Vorkosigan book, GENTLEMAN JOLE AND THE RED QUEEN.  I’d pretty much thought the series had come to an end, especially as LMB has been refusing to comment on the possibility of a new book for quite a while.  It’s one of my all-time favourite series – up there with Elizabeth Peters’ Amelia Peabody books.  I love so much about her stories – the sheer pace of her plots, this knack of hers for capturing that quiet moment that reveals so much, how her characters live and breathe… well, I could go on and on.

And then I read the spoilers coming out from her first reading, and O_o doesn’t even begin to reflect my reactions.  I cannot wait for next February.

Spoiler links follow. I mean it.  Don’t click unless you want to be spoiled….

[When I say spoilers, I mean spoilers for those who haven’t yet finished the Vorkosigan series, as well as those who really don’t want to know the plot of the new book at this point in time.]

As an aside, I am on the fence re spoilers.  I generally avoid them when it comes to books I haven’t read yet, so I skim early reviews and the like.  But these ones, though – I couldn’t resist.  Especially as the publication date is next year.

Okay, enough rambling to have the spoiler-averse clicking away.  Also be warned, I put on my fangirl hat so there may be some flapping around, both verbal and non-verbal.

61900The not-so-spoilery bit: The new book is set three years after CRYOBURN, and if you’ve read that book, you pretty much know what that means for Cordelia (who’s the main character in the new book).  I’m excited about seeing her as the main POV character again – the first two books (or the CORDELIA’S HONOR omnibus, which was the one I read) were written so early on in LMB’s career.  I enjoyed them, and there are some scenes (and lines) which still stick in my mind, but I suspect Cordelia’s portrayal will have so much more added depth and nuance now.

So – if you haven’t yet read the spoilers about the plot, they’re here – serious spoilers as soon as you click through!

And then some really interesting links following on from that:

Not a book I could have written 25 years ago, that’s for sure.

Well.  Appetite whetted yet?


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